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camiel 23 May 2003 03:31

tailgate lighting idea
On my recent trip from Amsterdam to Capetown I had fitted two halogen 12V lights to the upper half of the car's tailgate. Nothing fancy, just the simple bolt-on jobbies from the DIY store around the corner. The only thing I did, was replace the 10W lights by 5W items to save on the electricity consumption.

The lights didn't fail a single time in half a year / 40 000 kms, give a very pleasant bright light and can be wired straight to the car's batteries.

Because I haven't seen it on anyone else's car, I thought I'd share it with you.


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kitmax 26 May 2003 13:38

I have always fitted ‘all around lighting’ to my off-road cars. I use, like Camiel, small reversing lamps bolted to the bodywork.
On the Land Rover they fit on the waistline, two each side and one at the top, rear.
On the Discovery I fit them to the roof rack.
They are all wired to one point. At the throw of a switch I can surround the car with light. This is a good camping aid, and invaluable when disturbed at night.
In Algeria a camel brushed heavily against the car. I was a bit startled as I thought I was alone in the desert. The light revealed the mystery and a fret-free night ensued.
In India it was a water buffalo
In Afghanistan it was… a MAN. However, the surround light gave me the advantage as he bowed and scraped and reversed off into the shadows. He was probably moiré alarmed than I was.

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