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monster 26 Jan 2009 15:30

security shutters
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We are looking for ideas on how to make the best of our shutters. At the moment they can be lifted off and do not lock. We want to have them in place permanently, with a system where we can open them from the inside of the truck, opening up to work as a 'sun shade' for the windows. And we want them to lock from the inside as well!! Not asking for much!!
Any ideas most welcome.:helpsmilie:

Richardq 28 Jan 2009 11:54

Ok, maybe not what you were looking for but click on the link below, select ; Wothahellizat 2: Construction Diaries, then and scroll down to diary #10 then scroll down to Thu 27 Sep entry and follow extra link for more details. I found this website a couple of months ago and was blown away by the amazing construction diary this guy did.



monster 28 Jan 2009 14:53

Many thanks for the web link, we also stumbled upon this site a couple of months ago- a BIG project! This bloke obviously has loads time, money and build experience.
We have thought of the hinge at the top but it's how to lock them and adapt them to open as sun shades that's the real conundrum for us!
Hopefully some-one with more imagination than us will have a eureka moment.

RogerM 28 Jan 2009 22:07

Is it possible to extend the shafts for the turnkeys so that they enter the cabin and can be turned and locked from inside? You can also get long shaft cabinet locks to put through from the inside.

A pair of gas struts with a locking ring would solve the problem of adjustable lifting - but depends on the weight of the shutters as to the sizing of the gas struts - and available space.

silver G 29 Jan 2009 01:03

I see you have sliding windows, can you, depending on clearance, fit a bolt to the inside face of the shutter that would locate on the window frame somewhere? Then simply slide back the window, draw the bolt and then close the window to keep the heat in.

monster 29 Jan 2009 10:26

Thanks for all feedback! We had thought that we could fit a bolt to each bottom corner of the shutter, drill a hole fitted with a open grommet for it to go thru into the cabin area and then 'R clip' it to 'lock' it??
The shaft extension that Roger mentioned would mean us hitting our box metal frame- if you look at the photo of the inside of the window- we are trying to incorporate the lock system within the bottom 'triangle' area of metal, as this is a single sheet and won't disrupt our internal build.
Not sure if we have room for internal gas struts as the shutters are a pretty snug fit.
Keep the ideas coming!
Many thanks guys.

RogerM 29 Jan 2009 22:18

Get rid of the external turn buckles.

From that triangular area inside drill a hole, fit a male spring lock - has a circular shaft with a T piece at the end.
On the shutter fit the female part of the spring lock, the male part fits into the hole (as do male parts!!) and when its turned 90 degrees it locks against the spring. You might get them from an aircraft parts supplier or maybe marine shops. Mercedes Benz used them on sump guards for a while.

Might have to fit the gas struts externaly to the shutters. Have a look at how the tailgates on a station wagon have them fitted.

RogerM 30 Jan 2009 10:47

or something like this T Locks , products new home , FOLDING "T" LOCKPOLISHED STAINLESS STEELKEYED ALIKESTRAIGHT CAM

monster 9 Feb 2009 19:19

security shutters
Many thanks to Roger and co for all the hints and tips. Reckon we know what to do now, just a case of getting the weather to do it- we were snowed in with the bad weather!! Probably buy the stuff we need here and do the work on a sunny beach somewhere. Got to be better than knee deep snow and freezing bits. ha ha

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