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roamingyak.org 17 Sep 2007 11:34

Rooftent covers
Wondering if anybody has made their own rooftent cover?

My Eezi awn cover needs replacing and I can't help but wonder if replacing it with an (ali or similiar) square box wouldn't be easier, and perhaps a bit more robust. It would certainly stop the mice from nesting in it as has previously happened ;-)

Why look at this?

- The cost of a new cover is quite high.
- Taking the existing cover off is not too hard, but geting it on again requires crawling around on all fours on a usually dusty cover and fiddling around with straps and seems to be a lot of effort in 35 degree heat etc
- If I buy a new cover it will need replacing in another 5 years etc.

And a hard cover opens up all sorts of bathing possibilities ;-)

diesel jim 17 Sep 2007 12:37

Could allisport not knock something up?

JulianVoelcker 17 Sep 2007 14:35

As Jim has suggested, Allisport may be worth talking to.

The only problems I can see is getting it to seal properly as well as what to do with it when you take it off.


Originally Posted by roamingyak.org (Post 150842)
And a hard cover opens up all sorts of bathing possibilities ;-)

You could have a multipurpose one.

Use it as a bath, or a boat or even a toboggan if caught in snow ;-)

roamingyak.org 17 Sep 2007 16:44

It's probably not worth doing, but I wondered if anybody had done it well. Paul at Footloose mentioned some customers of his had done it so wondering if it worked out well etc.

It would probably be too heavy it seems. Though I like the idea of a coal heated bath each night...

Richard K 17 Sep 2007 16:48

Sounds kind of cumbersome - perhaps take an inflatable paddling pool instead?

Is there a way to hook a Viair up to a jacuzzi jet? hmmm...

silver G 17 Sep 2007 17:41

Autocamp do a hard cover for their tents but it's very expensive - it just hinges up from one end - looks cumbersome when open but presumably quite tidy when closed.

I've just swapped from a howling moon (with a zip on cover that I always expected to fail but never did) to an autocamp with bungies to hold the cover in place - looks like a bouncy castle at 70mph. Because the cover is a fairly loose bag it goes on quite easily then just hook the corners with the bungies - just imagine the language when one of them snaps my finger on a cold morning!!!

My thoughts were of a rigid box too but it would need a skirt of some sorts to give a seal.
btw my local tarpaulin maker just made a cover for my trailer (huge) for a very reasonable price so a new tent cover, in lime green ofcourse, shouldn't be more than £50

ChrisC 19 Sep 2007 14:34

Try Eazi Awn
they do one themselves!!!

roamingyak.org 19 Sep 2007 23:29


But the point is to kinda avoid their overpriced cover in the first place - I'm sure then hard cover costs more - but any info or links welcomed...

Cheers, dj

silver G 8 Oct 2007 13:06

Hi Darrin, just found this:-

silver G 8 Oct 2007 13:10

Oh the joys of technologyhttp://www.pointedthree.com/disc/for...chmentid=11706

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