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Col Campbell 18 Dec 2003 01:12

Roof tent
Howdy all, I`m looking into importing an Eezi awn tent from SA next year and want to know if any one else is interested, we might be able to work a better deal and get more favorable shipping cost with more gear.


scotta 7 Jan 2004 14:49

Am interested

what sort of cost do you reckon?

my mobile is 07810 305873 call me or send a text



Col Campbell 7 Jan 2004 15:10

Ash, here`s the reply I got from the Safari Centra in SA.

The cost of an Eezi Awn 1.2m rooftop tent including the ladder is R6 350.00.
For 5 units or more we will bring the price down to R6 000.00.
We also stock awnings and a variety of items designed to fit roofracks etc.

To date we have shipped several to Europe.

The price down there has gone up, and with the exchange rate the price is going through the roof, Footloose were selling their remain stock of 1.2 tents for 550+vat, which is similar to the price quoted by the Saf ctr, but I`ve rung around the UK and all the old stock of tents have been sold, and the price of the new shippment it likely to be a couple of hundred quid dearer than the old price.

So I ended up getting onto trek overland and got a 1.2 howling moon, I got an ex demonstrator for 500 quid, but their normal price is 580, and after doing a lot of looking into it, there really is`nt much in it between eezi awn and howling moon.


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