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bmw.bec 18 Aug 2007 17:03

Roof rack ladder
Heres the problem....
We have 80 series landcruiser GX model which has side opening doors. Our roof tent is mounted to open over the rear doors (which is best set-up for us). To gain access to the roof rack, one of us can climb up on the rear wheel carrier and then onto the roof. However when the tent is up, we either have to jump down onto bonnet or back through the tent.
We're using a household ladder at moment but are looking for a ladder more permanent to take with us on our travels.
Any ideas appreciated

gilghana1 18 Aug 2007 18:16

With the tent opening over the back doors I dont really see many options for getting up there other than through the tent/up the bonnet? I suppose you could fabricate a ladder that lives under the roof rack and can slide out into position to rest on the side of the car.

JulianVoelcker 19 Aug 2007 10:47

Hi Becky,

If you are young and fit, you can soon get the hang of climbing on the roof by opening a 2nd row door, and then step up from the side step, a 2nd row seat and then on to the arm rest of the door and then onto the roof.

In Morocco we had two rood tents and I had to get up inbetween them to set them up, I was a little stow at first, but after the first few days was up and down there like a monkey ;-)

If you aren't comfortable with that I would aim to try to make something up yourself, ideally something like a cheap aluminium ladder from a DIY store that can live under the roof rack and then be unclipped, pulled down to rest on the side of the vehicle (with rubber feet) that you can then get to using the side step.

I wouldn't have something permanent there, it is likely to get knocked off.

Runner 11 Sep 2007 17:00

roof access
You can get neat little stainless pop-out steps (originally for masts etc) from yacht chandlers or from MyWay roof tents UK at about £8 each - they are great kit.

mario travaini 11 Sep 2007 17:33

I don't think the pop-out steps are a good idea on an 80 series, first you have to bore holes in the car, second it invites kid to climb to your car or thieves in slow traffic in big cities have easy access to your roof.
On the daily chores I just use a plastic beer case (the ones from the supermarket with 30 bottles) they are very sturdy and light, and it gives me the extra 40 cm to reach the roof, if I need to climb then I find it easier from the second seat door (on the 60 series), I saw telescopic ladders not long ago in the supermarket, maybe you could use that...

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