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BenW 4 Jun 2003 21:44

Petrol & octane problems
Hi all,

anyone used a Land Rover V8 with the 9.35:1 compression ratio in a country that has low octane fuel (typically 83 RON)?

My v8 has the composite gaskets that are twice as thick as the standard ones, effectively lowering the compression ratio a little - I've been told that the CR should now be about 8.8:1.

I'm looking at retarding the ignition and maybe using an octane booster to keep pre-detonation in check. The octane booster only makes up 2 points on the RON scale, so an 83 octane fuel would become an 85 octane.




Roman 6 Jun 2003 19:09

The chapter on fuels and oils in Tom Sheppard's VDE Guide is pretty extensive. Have you ever tried this book?

Roman (UK)

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