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bmw.bec 3 Oct 2007 17:53

On board water tanks
Looking at getting a water tank mounted to my landcruiser and would be interested in people thoughts/experiences with metal vs plastic tanks.

Any things to consider?


noel di pietro 3 Oct 2007 19:42

underbody water tank
I have a custom made 65 liter under body (LC HZJ75) tank made of Stainless steel 316 (chlorine resistant). Filler connection inside on the right side of passenger seat. Rubber flap over the nozzle to prevent water spillage inside the car. It is not the easiest design but it cost me only about Euro 250,-. Not at these 4x4 outfitter but in a small workshop specialised in stainless steel furniture for shop interiors.

I am very happy with it !!


Phil Flanagan 4 Oct 2007 01:26

i fitted plastic
You probably have heard of CAK tanks.
They can supply a variety of 'off the shelf' plastic tanks with all fittings.
We mounted a 120 litre tank inside vehicle above rear axle and it is now hidden behind worktop.
I then like the idea of more standard items (in case replacements needed in far off places !) so I fitted ordinary low price house hold tap, an inline pump and seperate inline pressure control (flow switch) to operate.
Has been fitted and working fine for last 2 years and 29000kms (including a roll in Mongolia).


eightpot 7 Oct 2007 01:51

Was having a look at tanks the other day - they tend to be expensive if you buy through an expedition fitter or specialised web site - same kit goes for half the price at a marine chandlers.

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