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TWODOGS 12 Jun 2008 10:45

Mitsubishi Delica
Has anyone concidered a mitsubishi delica for overland use ?
2.8 turbo auto , loads of toys , can be lifted by 2 inch , bigger tyres fitted ?
any thoughts ??

Warthog 12 Jun 2008 11:03

Wolf with A.S.B.O. in sheep's clothing...
I've not done 4WD overland; only bikes but, in Argentina, we parked up the bike for a few days and did some back-packing for a change. We got a lift from a crazy Chilean with one arm in a sling, on the Ruta 40 (very very unpaved), driving a raised Delica with demented lunar-lander type tyres and he was getting air at 100km off the cattle grids.

I think its got potential!!!

moodybloo 13 Jun 2008 08:43

i had a L300 with the 2.5 diesel,a bit underpowered but fun green laning as for off road limited by no low range & free wheeling hubs that disengage when you reverse.

However, i met a dutch guy in atar who had just completed the railway piste in a L300 without too many problems(except limited ground clearance)but he was travelling with 2 landcruisers who helped push.
All vehicles have potential,just depends on your idea of fun.:hammer:

Peter Girling 1 Jul 2008 10:59

Delica in the desert
We had a Delica with us in Morocco a couple of years ago.

Very comfortable & capable, especially in the dunes. Loads of space in the back. The only downside is that the front seats are over the front axle so it's like driving a forward control - OK at slow speeds but on fast pistes the pitching can be un-nerving!

Have fun!


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