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graysworld 27 Sep 2007 21:20

Lpg Tanks
Has anyone ever fitted a second hand lpg tank from a car to use for cooking etc? I am thinking of it and need advice.


nigel_all 28 Sep 2007 09:14

Graeme: LPG tanks for car fuel use and tanks for recreational vehicle use, eg cooking, have one major difference. In a car the LPG is drawn off the bottom of the tank because it remains in pressurised liquid form until it vapourises when it reaches the engine, whereas for cooking/heating in a camper the take-off draws gas from the top of the tank. (That's why you should never use a gas bottle on it's side, or even transport it that way.) You must use the right type of tank.

It is possible to convert a car tank (I know someone who has done it) but you'd better be a good copper pipe brazer and really know what you are doing unless you want to risk launching yourself into orbit!


graysworld 28 Sep 2007 17:54

Thanks for that Nigel.


Jake 28 Sep 2007 22:56

I have fitted several LPG tanks to cars for LPG conversions - the tanks as stated do draw the lpg from the bottom but an internal draw pipe is fitted so that the valves and pipework are actually situated on the upper quarter of the tank. If you wanted to use one as a permanent gas fitment I really can not see the problem -make sure you can get areducer to obtain the working pressure you need. I recently scrapped a tank and fittings but a second hand tank would be easy to obtain or even a new tank in a specific size to fit a tight space from one of the many dealers would be easy to get. all the pipework and filling hose and connectors are also readily available although you need several filling adapters for different countries. I would suggest you ensure the tank vents properly from your vehicle as the tank has a safety pressure valve -just make sure you do it right. Jake.

graysworld 30 Sep 2007 14:27

Thanks Jake,

Can I just take out the draw off tube and cut it off? Have you got any more spares i.e. filler hose? can you also give advice on fitting? What do you mean by vent pipe? or does that mean that it has to have a hole in the floor?

Another option I have heard of is to connect a car filler pipe to a standard bottle. how would one know if it was too full? or do pumps shut off at a certain pressure?


Phil Flanagan 4 Oct 2007 01:16

yep - i've got one
Hi Graeme (and all !)

Yes I got s/h 40litre lpg car tank and had it fitted to my last camper and when i sold that I transferred that tank and fittings into the iveco.
'adventure 950' says it all regarding fitting.
The obvious advantage is you can buy gas without the need to keep buying/renting different company bottles, real pain when going around europe for example.
LPG is reasonably easily available, little thin on the ground in Mongolia !
Since leaving UK (April 06) in my iveco i have filled lpg just 3 times; Romania, Uzbekistan, and now Korea.
We only use it for cooking.
The only problem is the different pump fittings between continents.
I have so far come across 3 styles; EUROPEAN, RUSSIAN, ASIAN
A solution could be to get a pump outlet pipe end in europe and carry with you so that in any country they could at least swap their non fitting end for the one you carry and get you filled up.

But having said all that, if I was rebuilding again I would certainly be looking at the diesel cookers.

Take care

(ps - did transport co get back to you yet ?)

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