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bighorn 1 Jun 2007 22:57

Lift, the cheap way
Just wondering if anyone has an option on this:

Hilton's 4WD Traveller: Getting (re)Sprung for Spring

I'm looking at lifting my rig, and this seems to be a reasonable options.

Anyone ever tried it, and if so, how does it hold up?


diesel jim 2 Jun 2007 20:13

The trouble is with re-arching your old springs, is that they are still old springs....

in that text the chap says that "some of his main leaves had to be changed as they were cracked", so it makes you wonder what sort of condition the rest of them are in.

And if you're going to go to the bother of removing each spring and damper (just to re-bend them) you might as well spend the extra $$$/£££ and get some new, quality (like OME) units in there... at least it's one less thing to worry about, you know that they havn't got x-thousand miles on them, and they'll probably give you a better ride and more axle articulation than the old stock items.

just my 2p's worth.

graysworld 2 Jun 2007 23:11

I did it in India on a merc 608 they were still as good years later. in the poorer countries of the world they do it all the time. Does spring steel loose its spring or just its shape, I am no engineer but I guess just its shape.

Any engineers comments??


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