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eyrewave 23 Jun 2008 17:32

iveco 4x4 rear diff lock stuck on
so the vans running like a dream then:

Someohow seem to have gotten the rear diff lock stuck on (i hadnt used it and the lever got knocked forward). Obviously cant turn it, so am stuck. Have tried lashings of wd40 on rear diff box. Is there a manual way i.e pulling a lever on the actual diff box? (i see there is cable which i presume is the diff lock cable which runs to the box and to a couple of springs and what look like levers, these seem stuck solid.....)

as always greatful for any ideas

Robbert 23 Jun 2008 19:58

If it where solid it would't have 'slipped' into lock. On top of the diff is lever with two springs attached. That lever has to move forward (if i remember right, easy to find out if you move the lever in the cab).

what I would try (others might be smarter...) jack one of the rear wheels to take away the strain on the locking mechanism and try to push that lever in the 'off' direction. maybe give it a few taps with a hammer. put everythig back on the ground and move forward and reverse, zigzagging slightly if nothing happens.

eyrewave 23 Jun 2008 20:22

Appears to be fixed for now, a few straight forwards and reverses, whilst engaging and disengaging rear diff appear to have got in unstuck...

graysworld 23 Jun 2008 21:19

Mine was stuck in the off position. I removed the mechanism from the diff, put it in a vice and freed it. just got rusty through lack of use. put it back together with copper grease.


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