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Phil Flanagan 14 Aug 2008 19:34

IVECO 40.10 (35.10) tracking help needed
Hello all.

have recently fitted replacement steering rack on truck and obviously decided logical time to check and correct any tracking issues on front.

'toe-in' or 'toe-out' was easy enough to self check and adjust.

However, it appears (according to my spirit level) that the 'camber' is out, and actually out by quite a lot. But i can see no logical way to adjust.
have checked our faithful 'workshop manual' which certainly references checking of camber but does not give explanation for adjusting.

There are 2 (a top n a bottom arm) which ix firmly to the chasis slightly back from center of wheel, the manual references needing to shim these either in or out but my logic is that this will only adjust the 'caster'.
Beyond that my other though was perhaps the torsion bar has a bush which may require replacement (could this throw my camber off ?)

Anybody got any ideas ? Bruce is this something you've come across ?


RogerM 14 Aug 2008 21:16

I'd leave camber adjustment alone unless you know that the bushes are worn and need replacement. You can stuff up a pair of tyres fairly quickly if you get it wrong. The factory setting for camber only needs mucking around with if you change the diameter of the tyres by a dramatic amount.

If you absolutely must check/adjust camber then I'd get a professional to do it who can set the chassis to align with the ground to align with the wheels to align with the suspension deflection..............only to tell you its within acceptable wear limits.

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