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WillCalderwood 27 Nov 2008 15:05

HDJ80 and Spare Parts
We're heading off sometime in the next few weeks down the west coast of Africa and need to sort out the spare parts we're going to take with us. So please can people let me know what they'd consider essential and why. Any parts they've had problems with or are known to commonly cause problems.

It's a 1992 Jap import, so it's be great to hear from anyone with experience / problems with those models.

Many thanks,

JulianVoelcker 27 Nov 2008 15:36

What preperation work has been done on the truck?

I usually swap the main hoses, belts, thermostat, starter contacts, alternator brushes, brake pads, and then keep the old ones (as log as they are servicable) as spares. The belts and hoses OK from Milners, but the contacts and brushes will need to come from Toyota.

Take a full set of fluids and filters for a complete change - you should be able to get more filter enroute cheaper. Also take a container of Toyota coolant along just in case.

Depending on who has done the prep work, I might be inclined to take along suffient grease and seals for rebuilding the front knuckles - if Milner inner axles seals have been used I doubt they will last the trip.

The key thing is just to make sure the truck is 100% before you leave.

I hope that helps.

Cruzeta 27 Nov 2008 15:58

A spare fuel filter might be useful since I've heard someone waiting for one in the south.

The headlight relay should be carried as spare since they might fail without (too much) warning.

ilesmark 27 Nov 2008 17:01

Try this

overland-underwater.com - A Charity Drive UK-NZ - Choosing the Vehicles

Good luck!


WillCalderwood 27 Nov 2008 17:18

Funny you should point us at that site, if you go to http://www.mindtheelephant.com/ you'll notice a remarkable similarity between our vehicle and the vehicle pictured at the top of that page! Although I had a browse of that site a while ago I'd forgotten about the spares list.

Our LC was prepared by Footloose 4x4, they did a fairly thorough job, pulling the entire thing apart and putting it back together, so I'm hoping that everything is in pretty good condition, I'm no expert mechanic unfortunately. We've got a few spares already + we've got advice from Footloose, but there's always the issue of space and money vs potential time wasted waiting for parts. I was therefore hoping for feedback from the experienced overland traveller.

Thanks for the advice

JulianVoelcker 27 Nov 2008 20:13


Originally Posted by WillCalderwood (Post 217054)
Our LC was prepared by Footloose 4x4, they did a fairly thorough job, pulling the entire thing apart and putting it back together, so I'm hoping that everything is in pretty good condition

OK, they should be able to suggest the proper spares, but do make sure that if they have done work on the axles that they have (a) used Toyota inner axle and inner hub seals (b) if they have replaced any wheel or steering knuckle bearings they have fitted Koyo (as used by Toyota) or other known brands (like Timken).

Milner do some great value kit, however you do need to pick and choose as to what is suitable for Overlanding and unfortunately a lot of it isn't. Their rubber seals and wheel bearings just aren't up to the job, something I learnt when I first started working on LCs so never use them, however unfortunately many of the other 4x4 companies aren't picking up on this and I find I am having to redo axle/knuckle rebuilds within days/weeks because the seals are failing.

The crazy thing is that Milner Offroad will not quarantee their parts if they fail when you use them ......... offroad - go figure!

JeanVisser 30 Nov 2008 00:31

HDJ 80 parts
You will find most parts but a set of belts and hoses will be useful but cary a few sets of filters, the diesel in Mauritania, Mali and Burkina sucks. Went through 2 sets in the last month

Graham Smith 30 Nov 2008 19:20

Several Fuel Filters, One oil filter, set of belts including aircon belt.
A set of wheel bearings...
A couple of spare tubes...
As mentioned above Headlight Relay... as the Africa vehicles dont use this type of relay so not available easily...

You can pick up Toyota spares pretty much anywhere....

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