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Tonyabc 15 Sep 2004 06:05

Flexible alloy trac-mats
I am not having any luck finding a supplier of flexible alloy track mats. These mats are shown on http://4xforum.co.za/tguide/recovery.html They look easier to handle and store than sand ladders.

Does anyone know of a supplier in the uk?

Roman 15 Sep 2004 07:32


Footloose4x4 in Peterborough used to sell a similar thing (also produced in SA), made of connected rubber strips. A metal version has never been seen on these latitudes, I guess. Speak to Paul March and maybe he will order it for you from SA.

Roman (UK)

Runner 15 Sep 2004 15:58

Footloose still sell them - they had them at Billing I think.

Its possible to get folding sand ladders, made from PSPs that are divided into three and then hinged. Still heavy but easier to stash. Im not sure how good they'd be.

Someone told me that the flexible mat things ruckle up under wheels in soft sand when power is applied (and so arent that effective); they havent got the longitidinal strength of sand ladders. Never used them though so I dunno.

Tonyabc 15 Sep 2004 20:43

Thanks for advise. Its great to get quick info.

I have bought a pair from footloose, 50 GBP plus delivery.

They do not look very heavy duty compared with the ones I originally saw on the S. African web page.

I am hoping that with something easy to use I will use them early, before getting too badly bogged: that's my theory.

Roman, I am not sure who Paul March is or how to contact him.

Thanks again

Tonyabc 15 Sep 2004 20:54


I have now worked out who Paul March is (At footloolse) and he is going to look into whether or not he can get hold of the heavy duty trac-mat from S. A.

Cheers Tony

ctc 17 Sep 2004 21:34

The Sand ladders that Footloose used to sell which are made from old strips of car tyres are NOT up to the job! If anyone wants a bust set of them let me know!

Firstly the sand ladder bundle up and are thrown out the back before forward movement is obtained and second after doing this a couple of times the wires which bind the mats together part! Thirdly they weigh in about the same as classic sandladders so what have you gained?

Alu Mantec type sand ladders are far more effective in my experience.

Julio 26 Sep 2004 18:17

Hi Guys

I used sand matts on my recent trip to Morocco and they seemed to do the trick when I got stuck in the sand.

They are light and can be stored in the back of your vehicle without any problems.

My vehicle is a long wheel base Nissan Safari (Looks like a Patrol with a high Roof) and has a roof tent etc so is quite heavy).

Have got pics of them being used in the sand if anyone wants to see them in action.



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