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rick_meeuw 21 Feb 2007 17:57

Finding an overland truck
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a second hand overland truck in south/eastern Africa.. Is there any places or websites I can find these types of trucks?
I have to fit a music recording studio in it, so it has to be big :D



Bundubasher 22 Feb 2007 09:56

Sure I've seen a Unimog or similar vehicle for sale up in Karen outside Nairobi. If I go out that way soon I'll post a follow up.

Bundubasher 22 Feb 2007 10:09

Also, the British Army and BMAT have an auction comming up soon - so if you can travel at short notice and have ready wonga...

jefff8 22 Feb 2007 21:18

Message me
Hi Rick,

How about a converted Man ex-military 4x4 truck with just about everything you could possibly need. Already has the power supply. Sleeps 8 people I think. Tent on the roof. Boat, lifts down by crane from the roof. Quad bike. And lots more goodies. Certainly big enough to be a studio.

It's in Johannesburg at the moment.

Message me, and I'll give you the contact details.


moggy 1968 22 Feb 2007 23:22

I have spent a great deal of time involved in self abuse whilst browsing this website, my eyes aren't getting any better either!!

mobile.de - der Automarkt für Gebrauchtwagen und Neufahrzeuge - Finden oder Verkaufen Sie einfach und schnell ihr Auto
put in the right search criteria (i.e. trucks and 4x4) and some real sexy beasts appear!!
Philipp aus dem Hanfbachtal - Verkaufsfahrzeuge
most of the good stuff is in europe. any good reserve stock from the Uk was sold off long ago. what comes out now is generally vehicles for casting as they are beyond economical repair. most of it is unadulterated overpriced sh1t!!!

the main UK disposal agent is well guilty of this, pedalling vehicles as good runners that couldn't even pass an MOT due to massive structural corrosion, so be careful!! The guide prices they give on their website for auction stuff is way over market value and because it is a bid by tender, it is impossible to know how much you should bid to secure your beauty, or if you should bid on more than one to be sure, it is a very crap system!!

landie 101 ambie
1968 morris minor traveller!!
eBay Shop

Surfer 23 Feb 2007 09:22

I will try to find the owner of one thats kitted/semi kitted ithat has been standing for ages in cape Town. That may be ok? Hope its still there.

rick_meeuw 24 Feb 2007 17:03

Wow, thanks guys. I´ll check the things out. Please do inform about that truck in Cape town ´surfer´! And Jeff, I can´t PM you because I have too little posts... :oops2: But maybe you can email me? it´s - removed due to spammers, but have sent you email address by pm for you - ]. Thanks, by the way, I really dont think I need a quad bike and a boat, lol, it doesnt even have to be a 4x4, cause its just driving from capital to capital...


rick_meeuw 24 Feb 2007 17:07

Oh, and bundobahser, an Unimog is a little too little I´m afraid... Bu thanks anyway :thumbup1:

Surfer 26 Feb 2007 10:58

I will go check when i have some time off. Its a bit outa the way. So maybe tomorrow afternoon. I hope its still there. what else would interest you? If Unimog is too small?

Surfer 26 Feb 2007 11:04

We have some designs for a nissan patrol with sound and video suites in them. We were going to do Africa and film and edit on the run. Our gig rigs unforutnatley never got funded. So we opted for big SAMAG trucks but i think that would be far to big!

question is do you have to only take 1 vehicle and must it be combined for sleeping and recording?

We also had an external both for recording designed. So there are ways around having a huge truck.

Luke 27 Feb 2007 08:25

Size matters
Hi Rick
If a Mog's too small the Pinzi will be too; it's even smaller.

Capital to capital? Surely the best and most natural music is found out in the boondocks where there's slightly less Western influence (mind you however far you go, you'll find a local listening to music on a hissy, tinny little radio)

Happy trails

JoeFallow 28 Feb 2007 04:59

check out this and scroll down....
Go-Overland.com - The Overland Expedition Resource

Maybe of use?

Phil Flanagan 15 Mar 2007 10:58

this guy has (had?) truck for sale
check out online :

Moomba Discovery - Trans-Africa Overland Adventure Travel

I was on one of his trips so I know the guy and the truck.
He was trying to sell it for about £10k (including business and website), but I know that thebuyer recently (6wks ago) pulled out and I think a reasonable and genuine offer would not be refused.

Tim is now living in Holland, the truck is safe parked in Ghana.

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