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CornishDeity 12 Oct 2008 15:27

Collapsible (or very small) axle stands
As we are slowly creating our perfect packing scenario in the back of our 110 landy we are getting to the point where a few things are a right royal pain in the bum. One of them being axle stands. We did have them in one of our side lockers, along with a potje and a kelly kettle, and we were well chuffed with outselves.

Well, as we can't stop changing our minds we have decided to take a COBB bbq (:thumbup1:) instead of the potje, and this fits in almost perfectly with the kelly kettle. But this leaves the axle stands homeless and in the way.

Now, I think these are probably needed, and so perhaps there is a nice collapible version?

Any thoughts?

And I know, we could take less kit, but to me, where would the fun be then?

Thanks in advance ..

monster 12 Oct 2008 16:32

two much kit maybe
hi ollie, axle stands are not needed for any part of a trip, if your landy needs to be on axle stands it should be in a garage, and once out of europe its mega cheap, use a bottle jack and chuck your wheel under the axle that should do, cant think of any sitt which requires both wheels off at once.
kelly kettle we watched a couple on agonda beach with one, by the time you get your wood and light it and wait for the water to boil you can have your gas stove lit water boiled wet made and sitting looking at the sea before the kelly is even up to steam, gadgets are good for weekend trips but the more in your landy the more you need to move to get that bit of kit you want, no matter how well you pack it and remember you are going to travel through some great countries, where are you going to put those pressies that you buy on the way, we said we wouldnt buy any but you know how it goes ha ha

CornishDeity 12 Oct 2008 16:48

Kelly Kettle
Well we've had our kelly kettle 3 years now, longer than most people go travelling and hence are quicker with it than with a gas cooker now ... :cool4:

Not for hot countries mind you, but if you like a cup of tea in the morning, and wake in a cold wet environment i would take, every day, the exercise and general warm up it gives you, over standing round and waiting for a gas cooker do the work. It's a bit more involved, but much more fun. Well for us anyone.

Since we already own it, we can always donate it on the way round if we do find out we have one kelly kettle too much.

Will take you advice on the axle stands though :)


PS Howsthe new truck getting on?

monster 12 Oct 2008 18:57

truck update
:Dyeah truck is going slow never done anything as big before, but getting there trying to keep the tons down to about 8t fully loaded we will see.
got our fridge yesterday decided to go with a national luna weekender 50ltr instead of our trusty engel 40ltr, we went for the NL because of the 40ltr fridge and the 10ltr freezer compartment, we found that when in far remote areas and only veg to eat we thought a small freezer would be great for a bit of chuckie and low and behold we get back from asia and NL have a new fridge. low draw about 2.5-3.0A they say so who knows and it was a ex demo model so cheaper than a engel, trying to kit out the truck as cheap as poss and simple as poss for on the road repairs. may pop down to you on way out on next trip end of year not sure west or east africa to south:palm:

CornishDeity 12 Oct 2008 20:42

Well keep us updated on the truck, if no one else, as our plan once we get to Oz is to consider (only consider so far) upgraging to a live inside truck.

Just a thought at the moment, but obviously we will be keeping and eye on your adventures.

PS - and of course if you are down south around xmas let us know, we'd love to see the monster, and buy you a beer or two.

Trumpton 12 Oct 2008 21:48

Kelly Kettle
Hi Monster, We certainly wouldnt go away without our kelly kettle!! Once youve got the knack of it it boils much faster than the gas (& also saves on the precious gas), especially if its a bit windy.

I fully agree with you about the axle stands though, however we had to remove our rear axle in the middle of the desert in Mori last year, obviously this meant both wheels off! and we used the wheels & rocks as axle stands......... no prob, mind you a couple of decent bits of 4x2 wouldnt have gone amiss!!!


Pumbaa 13 Oct 2008 09:39

Our first clearout
Yes, we had our first clearout of some bigger items. It's true about everything having there place, but you might have to move 5 things to get to it. A real pain in the arse, escpecially when it's cold, or raining.

Re axle stands, I can't think either when you would require both axles to be in the air at the same time. We carry 2 spares, so if we ever need to do that, the spares will come in handy, as well as our big 6t bottle jack...

Sophie-Bart 14 Oct 2008 12:34

There exists small cheap collapsible axle-stands, mostly rated 2tons (enough), in europe you'll find them in DIYstores and bigger gasstations. The feet are foldable like a small tripod and their height is adjustable.

Should you take them....Hmm. If you have the space, why not. I used them while reseating my leafsprings, changing polybushes and oilseals.
But if you don't have them you'll find a perfect alternative (a genuine jerrycan should be more than usefull to double as a axlestand).
Where to store ? as far as you can without forgetting you brought them along. Mine are tucked faraway, I can even imagine somebody will 'store' them under the car or in the inside of a steel bumper.


CornishDeity 14 Oct 2008 13:09

Axel Kettle

Firstly the kelly kettle.... I think that once you have the knack it's a great tool, as said faster than the gas and more fun (and more warming :thumbup1:). We have actually found that instead of using wood, using paper it easily the quickest way to boil the kettle. We burn the previous days paper rubbish. Obviously in the middle Somestanistan whether we will have so much paper rubbish will be a question, but then perhaps I will get a chance to use my 'war' axe (er from B&Q) to make some kindling ... either way I love it, it's light, but a bit bulky.

As for the axel stands, certainly some collapsible stands would make it more likely we would take them. Lots of threads I have read, and other safetly lectures, state how important it is to use something instead (or with) of bottle or hi-lift.

We almost have our packing designed so maybe we will go and weigh everything and see where that leaves us. Perhaps once a grim reality of being over weight comes into place we will start jettisoning our kit. Jenny's clothes go first mind you :eek3:

Thanks for the answers


CornishDeity 14 Oct 2008 13:24

Search google for folding rather collapsible axle stands gives plenty of them! Sorry - a bit quick to get to use the HUBB to do my searching for me

3 Tonne Folding Axle Stands 1 Pr - Screwfix.com, Where the Trade Buys

steve/m 14 Oct 2008 14:57

hi ollie
on our recent trip, cape town to uk we used our kelly kettle every day we also have a 1ltr stainles flask,"hot water at lunc time " .we also carried a pair of folding axle stands but thank fully never needed to use them,i carrired them under the bonnet of the r/rover.very cheep from aldi. better to be safe than sorry

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