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GreenLaner 7 Aug 2005 08:20

Alarms and 2nd battery
I'm not a big fan of alarms, but I'll be taking my Bighorn to Sakhalin Island {Russia} next month, and have been advised to fit one.

I don't want anything complicated - just a basic alarm with movement/motion detector and remote control. The alarms that are wired into the ignition system, door locks, lights, etc. tend to cause more problems than they're worth [IMHO].

So here's my idea: install a second battery to power the basic alarm, and install a hidden switch to disconnect the main battery to prevent starting.

It seems like a pretty simple and secure solution, but I'd like a few opinions on this idea...

Also, can anyone recommend a decent alarm that can take the abuse of off-road driving with getting all out-of-wack?



Riq 7 Aug 2005 12:04

When I traveled through Central America I connected a relay to my headlight switch that required I turn my lights on in order to start the vehicle. I don't think manay thieves turn on the headlights when trying to steal a car for fear of giving themselves away.


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