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nomiskx 1 May 2006 10:18

300 Tdi Workshop Manual
A couple of us are looking for workshop manuals. I've got the Landrover one, and the 300 TDi overhaul manual... but neither are that easy to follow if you're a bit of a TDi novice (like me !). I can't find a Haynes that covers the 300TDi.

Has anybody got any recommendations for "almost idiot" guides to working on a 300 Tdi ?



diesel jim 1 May 2006 19:35

If you go to the LR4x4 Forum there is a link to download the RAVE workshop manuals.

If you scroll down the above link a bit, you'll see each individual disc (there are 3) but they're BIG! if you have broadband no problem though!

RAVE is the official LR workshop manuals for all the range. it's got everything from changing a bulb to chassis dimensions and how to strip/rebuild the engine. definately worth having.
It works with Adobe Acrobat. the software should be in the downloads already (it was in the ones i got)


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