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Boereklonk 17 Feb 2011 15:04

WANTED - Roof top tent & Fridge
Hi All,

Me, the missus and the little one is on our way down to South Africa via the East side of Africa in June.

The hardest and most expensive items on our shopping list are the tent and fridge... any help regarding this would be appreciated.

I know Engel does good fridges, can you pls help out for names of other as reliable fridges as Engel?

Tents we're looking at is Howling Moon second hand with an annex as we'll require the extra place for the little one should it be misreable weather. I've come across Terrain Roof Tents, but havn't found any feed back regarding them.

Thanks in advance!

ilesmark 17 Feb 2011 15:54

For fridges, there's also National Luna (on a par with Engel - both make metal-bodied fridges) and Waeco (similar, plastic-bodied but maybe a bit cheaper).

Roof tents - IMO, FWIW, Howling Moon are the best followed by Eezi-Awn (the one I used on my trip) and then Hannibal. I also came across another make on someone else's vehicle called Serengeti - really couldn't recommend it, as it looked to be made from much cheaper materials.

good luck!


Boereklonk 17 Feb 2011 22:28

Hi ilesmark, thx for your post. Yes I've seen the serengetti, it's a my way branded tent, not what I'm looking for as the ladder doesn't sit on the "inside" of the annex. The fridge names was excactly what I was after as I'm trying to broaden my search parameters.


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