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kirstenindenver 5 Feb 2012 21:57

US Registered 2000 Infiniti QX4 (Nissan Path) for sale in Argentina May/June '12
Asking Price: $9,500

My husband and I are selling our US-registered 2000 Infiniti QX4 (luxury version of a Nissan Pathfinder) with sleeping platform in back. We have driven it for nearly a year throughout Argentina and Chile. We purchased it from our friends who drove it for the year prior, and they bought it from the original owner who drove it down from the US.

We return for the States from Buenos Aires in mid-June so we would prefer to sell it in BA before we leave but we will also be driving through Brazil and Uruguay before finishing in BA and could work out a place and time that fits the buyers schedule.

I can guarantee that we can transfer the title and register to anyone with a US drivers license – I will give you step-by-step instructions how to legitimately register a car that’s not physically located in the US -- you will have your own license plates and registration documents for crossing borders, etc... As far as non-US-persons go, we can work out something, but the responsibility of titling/registering would be yours.

Locking gas cap
Hidden ignition switch
160,000 miles as of now
3.3L V-6 (gasoline)
Automatic Transmission
4WD with low-speed transfer case
Cassette-type MP3 adapter
Leather seats
A/C and heat work great
‘The Club” type anti-theft device
Alarm system

Maintenance and repairs
The car has never broken down on us. The only repair we did was a brake job to machine the rotors and replace the brake pads since there was a slight pulsing when braking. We have performed two oil changes in the last six months and will have at least one more completed before we sell it. The previous owners only had to replace the distributor cap and the battery, both of which have performed perfectly for us.

Nissan Pathfinders are fairly common in Argentina and VERY common in Chile, so getting parts and performing maintenance has not been a problem.

The only imperfections now include a slight rattle in the suspension and a rattle in the rear hatch door. Cosmetically, there are a few exterior scratches here and there and a place where the leather upholstery has worn through.

Extras (The best part):
We built a sleeping platform in the back that slides out of the way when people need to sit in the back seats. Don’t worry about finding an official campsite or setting up a tent; with this setup you can drive to the nearest pull-off , crawl in the back, and go to sleep. The sleeping platform is raised so it also acts as a cover so your stuff is hidden from someone looking in a window.

Additional Extras:
Coleman two-burner stove
2kg propane tank
A set of pots and pans and other cooking/eating utensils
Insulated cooler
Curtains for privacy and so you can keep the sun out
Haynes Repair Manual for the QX4
Tons and tons of Maps
Chile, Argentina, and separate Patagonia guide-books
Two pillows
Argentine cell phone (I think it can work in other countries with a new SIM card/chip)


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