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StanH 24 Nov 2010 13:23

Unimog Ambulance for sale UK
I have a 1988 unimog ambulance forsale.
I was going to convert it but lack of time is forcing me to sellit on.
It has just been imported from Germany, still has the stretchers in the back !
Its jsut been serviced by AC Price,and best of all its done 4000km, yep thats Four thousand, its like new !
Am gutted to sell it as it wouldmakean awesome exped vehicle.

Located near Kendal, cumbria.

£18,000 ono

Not sure how to get a photo up but its here
Marketplace - Trucks - Unimog Ambulance

Contact me for more info


StanH 9 Dec 2010 21:13

Its now sold thanks

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