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woza44 8 Dec 2010 00:57

Selling a U.S. car Paper work_
hi there

Im hoping to sell my car in Argentina to another traveller or somebody with US papers. Does anybody know how i can sort out changing the title.

Any help is really appreciated

markharf 8 Dec 2010 03:00

Every state is different. Some make it easy, some make it near impossible. Find out how ownership is normally transferred in your state, post the information here, and maybe someone will have some ideas for you.

Otherwise: search the site exhaustively. The question is often asked, less often answered here.

Good luck.


woza44 9 Dec 2010 14:42

cheers mark.

Its got Californian plates. What im worried about is the Smog test. It has to done yearly and its been over a year since i left the states. Ive heard people talk of doing the paperwork on the boat between Argentina and Uraguay. but i have no idea how this works and what paper the buyer would use to enter the country.

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