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ekim 6 Jul 2009 16:57

Selling Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60 02/2010 Brasil/Argentina
Hi all,

we gonna sell our beloved Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60 1987 in excellent condition by end of 2009 somewhere in South Brasil North Argentina (Buenos Aires)

Here some facts:

4.0l 6Zylinder Diesel 100hp (2H engine)

until 01/2010 approx. 370.000km
OME heavy duty suspension
Camping car with fridge
Big roof rack
all tools incl air compressor
2 tanks 150l diesel total
60l water storage (incl. solar shower)
cabine insulated
windows with metall fences and doors with padlocks
235/85R16 BFG Mud Terrain tyres
automatical diff lock in rear axel + LSD diff in front axle
many spare parts

almost every wear and tear part has been replaced - the car is ready for hardcore 2 year expedition or just relax travelling the next 10 years - won´t hardly see any workshop in that time!:Beach:

Canoz 17 Jul 2009 13:34

what is the price?

Can you please advise the price of you car and when you will be in Brazil?
We are in the north of Brazil now and are planning on going to Coumbia and down through Sth America asap.


ekim 26 Aug 2009 16:31

Here some more specs:

we can hand over the car in the middle of South-America, like: Chile Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, La Paz, southern Peru, northern, etc.

here is the detailed list of the car. We must say that I have 6 years experience as mechanic for cars and 6 years as an engineer at an automotive supplier. So the car isn´t messed up!

repaired before departure (12/2007):

New exhaust fitted
New brake line attached
Rear frame with 4mm steel reinforced
Frame derusted and painted (out- and inside)
5 orig. Toyo steel rims
Speedometer scale adapted to new tire size
New front wheel bearings
new seals on front axle
Free-wheeling front hubs overhauled
New clutch fitted with new pilot bearing
New clutch master and slave cylinder fitted
Installed a new radiator and also covered with mosquito gaze
Starter overhauled
All rust spots on body (especially the rear wheel arches) repaired.
All cavities are sealed.
2 new batteries for 24V circuit
Fuel tank with large intank stainless steel filter
All filters replaced
All fluids changed
All lubricated
Seats overhauled (new padding and covering)

repaired in Bolivia (06/2009)

New fuel injectors
Differential lock (automatically) mounted in rear axle
LSD differential in front with new bearings
New 12V battery installed
Alternator overhauled
New water pump installed (2. pump as a replacement)
Coolant changed
Brake fluid changed
Gearbox, transmission and axle oil changed (Castrol full synthetic)
New pinion shaft bearings
oil level equalization between transfer and transmission
Brake discs and drums replaced + new pads
Rust spots on frame + Vehicle Body removed + painted
New foil in the doors to stop dust from creeping inside

Equipment included

BFG 235/85R16 tires Mudterrain
Large, lockable center console (plywood)
Safari Snorkel
Hilift Jack
Compressor to fill tires
roof rack over entire roof length (self-made - galvanized)
2 waterproof Alu-boxes bolted to roof rack
Fillable bumper (for tools, etc.) with Canister Holder
Additional fuel tank (total 150l diesel)
OME suspension (heavy duty), complete with steering damper
Cabin insulated with 10mm foam and covered with needle felt
All windows with removable stell mesh (theft protection - very usefull)
Tinted windows with heat protection(semi-opaque)
All doors securable with padlocks (driver door, passenger door and rear hatch from the outside)
Sideboards for driver and front passenger door made for speakers and large storage compartments
closed bed for 2 persons
"Spider Web" under the roof to fasten sleeping bags and matrazes
Tables at the rear doors
Sony radio with USB + Aux-in + CD Player
12V circuit for interior (in addition to the 24V circuit) with 2 batteries
Voltage converter to charge 12V batteries (galvanic isolated)
Solar cell (2.7 A charge current) to charge 12V batteries
12V fridge (38l content - pretty much)
Hilift brackets through the front bumper to frame
2 aluminum sand sheets
1 spare wheel
necessary tools (also for a tire repair) in boxes
several spare parts (bearings, seals, etc.)
Small tent on boot (truck canvas)
2 Camping chairs
2 mini-camp stool
steering wheel clamp
Additional front lights
large reverse light
higher venting at the axles
Carjacking protection by interrupting the supply of diesel
60l water (2x20l Army waterbags + 20l water canister)
2 warning triangles
2 Safety Wests
Towing equipment
Fire extinguisher and fire blanket

Kitchen :
Gas stove, plates, cutlery, pans, spices, washing tub, etc, etc. (almost complete except for pots (we might sell ours)

Needles, syringes, bandages. Disinfectants, scalpels, plaster, etc. (sterile) 2 First Aid Kits
All drugs for long-distance travel, including malaria instant

JulianVoelcker 27 Aug 2009 07:42

One vital bit of info missing - how much money are you selling it for? :-)

marker 26 Sep 2009 00:30

yes, an indication of the price is still welcome...

ekim 14 Nov 2009 13:42

Sorry guys,

somehow I have overlooked the questions:

price indication is around 8500 Euro as described above.

2aroundtheworld 21 Nov 2009 09:54


Do you have pictures?

Would you like to trade for a Land Cruiser in Europe?


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