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Samie777 19 Sep 2009 15:05

Selling Australian Registered HJ60 in Europe
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Driving an HJ 60 from Australia back home to Germany which I might have to sell end of the year.

Built 1984
Diesel 4 Liter straight 6 cylinder Diesel (2H)
5 Speed Gearbox
about 500 000km
Alloy Wheels
Set ofLightforce Spotlights
Registred in Western Australia so right hand drive

All set up for traveling:
Rear seats removed for Bed with about 50cm storage room underneath
2 drawers accessible from the rear doors (About 1 meter in length)
tailgate opens horizontal which i found pretty handy
Safe for Laptop and Camera welded to car body
40Liter Engel Fridge
600 watt power inverter
Fridge and Inverter powered by 3 additional deep cycle Batteries which are connected via separator to Main one
Curtains in "Sperm" design
comes with petrol cooker pots and pans and all the camping stuff u need
recovery gear (snatch straps,...)
double headed air compressor
CD-radio with aux in and upgraded speaker system
full length roof rack
2 spare tires
Additional reverse light (55w)
Spares: both Radiator hoses, all belts, rear shokie, alternator

Car is in very good condition for age spent shitloads of money before I left:
When I bought in 12/2007 at about 465 000km:
-Powersteering pump recon
-replaced injectors
-replaced Waterpump
-replaced clutch
Before I started the big trip in 11/2008 at about 480 000km:
-rear springs heavy duty and all shokies replaced
-new front brake (Disc, pads, hoses)
-replaced all four wheel bearings
-replaced swivel hub bearings
-all four batteries new
-replaced AC evaporator

Will be back home in December and will have to sort out what i gonna do with it by end of December. So anyone who is interested in buying (driving back to OZ or importing maybe in UK) let me know!!!

let me know if you wanna see more pictures...

Cheers Sam

goodwoodweirdo 22 Sep 2009 12:56

Hi Sam

The Toyota sounds interesting, what’s the body like ? rust free ? most importantly what’s the price € !!

Just thinking out aloud….
- I live in Belgium so I guess there is tax to pay if the vehicles imported.
- Could it stay on a OZ plate, even if you have a address there, but would I need a carnet ! …
- How will you close your carnet …
- With 500k what would a general overhaul cost €4000 !


Samie777 26 Sep 2009 14:16

Hi Matt,

good to hear from you.
The Car is apart from some dots on the roof gutters rust free. Price is 9000€ negotiable.

To your other points:
-I m just trying to sort that out. If I import it its gonna be 29% on the Value which I declared pretty low…
-Just contacted ADAC, where I got my Carnet from, to check if I can overwrite the Carnet to someone else
-because I stayed outside of the EU for more than 12months and had the car for more than six I might be able to import for free but then I wont be able to sell it within the next 12months.
-I will either pay the taxes and close the carnet or overwrite it to someone else
-Engine still runs alright. Was working with Toyota in OZ where they all told me I shouldn’t worry for another 500 000km with the 2H. Overhaul I got no Idea. If you go to places like Pakistan it will be dirt cheap (new fuel filter, fitting included just cost me 1,50€)

I attached more pictures of the interior setup. If anyone wants them in higher quality let me know.

Cheers Sam

goodwoodweirdo 28 Sep 2009 16:00

Hi sam, thanks for the further info, sorry but its way out of my budget... good luck


Samie777 3 Oct 2009 14:53

Just got an answer from ADAC saying that its possible to issue a new carnet to a new name.

So if anyone wants to drive a car from Europe to Australia and sell it there this would be the perfect car, as there wont be any taxes involved...

Price is negotiable...

jimed 10 Nov 2009 10:47

Hi Sam,

How long can the vehicle stay in the uk on the carnet ?
If I was to buy it now we won't be ready to leave for oz for a while ?

Many thanks

Samie777 11 Nov 2009 10:04

Hi Jim,

you can bring the car for up to 6 months to the UK. See here: Temporarily importing a vehicle : Directgov - Motoring

Cheers Sam

Samie777 15 Nov 2009 14:40

lets push things forward.
Gonna enter into Germany in about 7days.
Anyone interested for 5000€???
Just buy, get the Carnet from ADAC (250€), jump in, drive to Australia. Sell the car. (Big Market down there) and fly home. There is no Tax to pay!!!

RogerM 18 Nov 2009 21:04

G'day Samie,

There are a few hurdles for the return of this vehicle to Australia and I'd advise any potential buyer to get a copy of the VBS10 brochure from Eligibility Criteria
before attempting to return the vehicle to Australia.

Basically the owner would have to comply with the Visa/citizenship/residency requirements for a personal import and have an import approval issued.

If the vehicle enters on a new carnet it would have to be re-exported before the carnet expires. The current carnet is the only way that it can be returned to Australia - and even then the importer has to comply with the personal import criteria.

Its a really complex issue and I would get an absolute ruling from Customs and Vehicle Imports Branch before even attempting to get the vehicle into Australia.

Sorry to spoil your for sale ad, but its important that someone does not buy without their eyes wide open to possible problems. Its a good buy for an Aussie ex pat heading back home from Europe.

Samie777 18 Nov 2009 23:11

Hi Roger,

thx for ur information. Are u sure? I mean the vehicle is still registered in Australia and the whole idea of a carnet is to re import the vehicle to its home country!

Cheers Sam

RogerM 20 Nov 2009 20:08

You really need to get Customs and Vehicle Imports Branch to approve what you are suggesting can be done. My understanding is that vehicles (even ones still registered in Australia) and owners have to comply with the conditions of bringing a vehicle into the country.

You have to bear in mind that its Australian Government policy to make bringing a vehicle into Australia as difficult as possible (tarriff by bureaucracy) unless you happen to be a vehicle manufacturer.

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