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roamingyak.org 26 Jul 2007 17:30

For Sale: Allisport Fuel Tank (155 litres)
I'm redesigning the inside of my 110 and with some reluctance my extra fuel tank is coming out and is for sale:

- Approx 155 litres
- Aluminium - made by Allisport. Strong enough to sleep/sit on
- Has send and recieve fuel line pipes pointing towards the internal bulhead, so you can plumb it in seperately. These also have taps on them so you can block off the tank if you wish.
- Has a (flatish) breather pipe located on the top left hand corner.
- Has a filler and breather pipe located on the top right hand side.
- Comes complete with a sexy external filler lockable cap - is black and barely stick outs half a cm. Comes with two keys.

Please drop me a line via my website if your interested...


roamingyak.org 24 Oct 2007 11:55

Now on ebay.co.uk - 230184821068

Located in Derbyshire, but if you talk nicely you might be able to pick it up from London.

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