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Wilson 8 Jul 2007 23:52

Looking for a (Second Hand) Roof Tent and Awning
Hi there,
I'm getting my Landy ready for an African trip and I'm now looking at the camping arrangements. As ever by this stage of planning funds are running a little tight and I seem to have a couple of options:

1) Toughen up and use my normal ground tent either as God intended (i.e. on the ground!) or pitched on the roof rack plywood. It's pretty easy to pitch and I'm thinking I can modify the ply to make things easier to tie down.

2) Get a second hand roof tent from a reputable manufacturer, doesn't have to be pretty, but does need to be cheap. Nothing fitting this bill showing up through the ususal channels at the moment. Not overly concerned if it's a Brownchurch type or a cantilever type (Ezawn, Howling Moon).

3) Get a new roof tent from the German chaps who are selling them on E-Bay for +/-£300. Obviously the quality is TBC, especially at this price!

I'm also looking for an awning, but this is more likely to be do-able as a homer if I can't find anything.

So does anyone have any old equipment they might be willing to part with (can collect) or have any leads that might help????

Thanks in advance.


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