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Sam Rutherford 10 Mar 2007 15:12

Iveco Daily 4x4 on eBay UK, now
Perhaps of interest to someone?! I can't find the item number anymore, but do a search and you should find it.

BTW I am presently in Tripoli, where there are 40-10s EVERYWHERE with snorkels. I am buying two for our Dailys without snorkel - let me know ASAP if anyone is also interested in a second-hand snorkel.

Email me directly on:

sam a-in-a-circle prepare2go dot com


moodybloo 11 Mar 2007 14:29

hi Sam maybe interested how much?
(pm if you wish)

Sam Rutherford 12 Mar 2007 09:36

not mine!
I'm not selling it, in fact I can't even see the auction (Libyan internet block??!!).

I also, then, can't advise you on whether it's a good'un or not.


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