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Phil Flanagan 6 Jun 2008 03:08

Iveco 4x4 available to use/rent from Sept in USA/Mexico
Due to visa restrictions we need to leave USA by about the 9th or 10th September. We will be away for a minimum of 4 months and possibly up to 7 or 8.
I have a british registered iveco 35-10 4x4 diesel which is kitted for long range, self contained travel. (we came across mongolia to get here).

This is a working truck, not 'RV' and has no luxuries from home ! however, it is capable of sustaining 2 people, on board 240v system, cold water (100 litres) feeds small kitchen sink and cooking (2 rings + grill) is by propane gas (on board tank). I liken it to camping on wheels without the hassle of a tent !

2.5td engine with spare capacity fuel tank enabling a range of approximately 1400kms, I get an average of 7.5 to 8 kms per litre. The engine is simple, reliable, sluggish but very dependable to get you anywhere.
All the normal supplies you'd expect on board for an offroad vehicle.

We love the truck and have no intention of selling.

However, it occured to me that perhaps somebody wants few months either touring USA or Mexico, so we could either work some form of a trade for few months or some form of rental.

Whomever was to use my truck would I hope have some experience of this style of travel, be able to solve issues (should they arrive), happy that any on the road usage, wear n tear, or damage would I expect be fully repaired by you.

If anybody is interested then drop me a line. Could be very cost effective way to travel around Mexico for the winter.



Luke 9 Jun 2008 07:19

Hi Phil, I sent a message to your Hotmail address on this subject.
Did I use the right one?

Phil Flanagan 9 Jun 2008 08:48

Hey Luke

Yes got the message thanks.
Sorry for not replying, just considering my options at moment ?????
I will get back to you in due course though.

Did you see the 2.9td for sale on ebay ?


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