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amiller2 28 Nov 2011 11:17

hj60 gearbox needed or parts
Looking for a rebuilt / parts for a landcruiser gearbox/transfer . I have a hj60 GX 1989 5 speed manual ( h55f)

Box is currently out of the truck and i'm looking at getting it sorted with no time frame

Any help would be appreciated. Seen sites in Holland/Australia, but ideally UK sourced would be better

Input and main shafts are worn. Possibly need replacing, although i've heard different ideas on how worn I can get away with before replacing

All other bearings in box and transfer need replacing


Mandarax 28 Nov 2011 15:07

Perhaps the BuschTaxi communitiy can help? Search here or post a request (registration needed). Most communication is in german, but don't be afraid to ask in english.


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