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bob5513 7 Nov 2012 14:59

Campervan in Panama $1650 1 tonne G30 Chev this December - Jan 2013
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We are in Panama with our Chevy '92 campervan. We drove down from Alberta to Panama and have had an incredible trip. We were planning on driving it to Argentina so we've just serviced it and it is ready to go again. However, we now have a sailing crew job from Panama and need someone to drive our vehicle OUT of Panama, up to Canada or down to Argentina - wherever you want to go!!!

I have spent over $3000 on it and it needs nothing - it all works, has new fluids, parts etc. etc.. All I need is someone IS:

to transfer the van into THEIR name in Alberta (you will not need a safety inspection because you only need insurance for 1 day to get plates), I will provide a bill of sale. I have an email with an authorisation form to transfer the vehicle into a new owner without them being in Alberta (you just need to arrange insurance) so then the plates will be posted down with the new official papers. We won't exchange money until you have plates, papers and keys in hand so it is not a scam. You do not have to be Canadian (we can sort out the papers together as I've done it before)


We will exchange the plates at the border so you can enter legally with your vehicle in your name and go wherever you want!!

Sure, this is crazy and might sound too good to be true (scam?!) but we are offering this because importation costs to Panama are ridiculous (80% of vehicles value - $2000+ according to a customs broker) and I would much rather give it to someone who can use it.

I need someone who is 100% committed to do this - I cannot wait because our sailboat leaves Panama early 2013.

We have a contact who wants to share a shipping container to Columbia if you are quick, or RORO is cheaper.

If you know anyone interested in this let them know. We lived in this van for 2 months in the USA, camping in the forests and spent peanuts on accommodation!!! The van has everything (AC, Cruise, mosquito nets, kitchen, bed....etc.)

No timewaters or dreamers, you are going to need to be available in December/ January and have some travel money available!!! Below are more details:


Chevrolet g30 van in excellent running order

1 tonne capacity (the strongest van of its type) so it is great for house moves or trade use. Also comes with a roof rack.

v8 engine and transmission is 60,000 km old and very strong and smooth. Car has done 370,000 but been serviced well. In the past month alone I have replaced rear brakes, front shock absorbers, serpentine belt, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, HT leads, oil, air filter, greased the chassis, AC service and checked the ignition timing. It is ready for many many thousand miles more.

The chassis has no rust spots and is in great shape. Cosmetically it is looking like a 20 year old van so do not expect shiny paint - there are spots, scratches, dent and the rest. The doors are a little rough on the edges but do not give any problems now or soon.

Has working air conditioning and cruise control!! Power windows and door locks.

Interior is in fair to good shape. In fact, I think it is in good shape for the age with no sagging roof lining, fully insulated, tinted windows and clean trim. It is also fully carpeted.

Currently it is equipped for overland travel with a convertible bed/ bench seat., under seat storage, cupboard, kitchen shelves, surface and sink with 70g water tank and hand pump. The kitchen can be used from inside or out. This is all easily removed if you would like to use it as a passenger van or cargo van again. It is a regular roof hardtop (not a hi-top) so it will fit in a shipping container anywhere in the world. We also installed a roof vent which is invaluable in hot weather when parked. There is even a lockable safe.

thanks to a very high ground clearance and excellent (nearly new Dunlop and Michelin RV tires) 4x4 is not necessary in Central and South America for most roads and we have crossed many a dirt or flooded road in it. It is 2wd.

This is not a piece of junk old van...if you want one find a cheaply priced one and spend thousands repairing it! It is cosmetically 'old' looking with fallen paint, stickers on the rear door and a bent bumper etc. but this is a well kept van ready to work with hundreds of dollars of new parts and in excellent running order (tires alone are valuable).

Will sell to a resident or a traveller. It is registered in Canada so the title can be transferred in no-mans land. See below for more details.....

We had prepared the van to drive to Argentina (hence why I have spent over $1500 very recently servicing it!) and driven it from Canada to Central America. Will sell in any CA country. However a trans-Pacific sailing opportunity has come up and we need to leave in January. Vehicle will therefore come with all our tools, snow chains, accessories like fire extinguisher, cooking equipment and whatever else is wanted or we will donate the items away if not.

Would suit someone moving house, starting a business or trade, travellers headed north to Canada/ USA or south to the South Americas. We have saved a fortune in not using hotels and it has been so flexible allowing us to get to places other people cannot. Surprisingly minimal hassle too.

Please get in touch if serious. Will email photos. rwlarman@hotmail.co.uk

Photos don't really show it because there are heaps of small things in there that make life much easier but it basically has a kitchen, shelves, a cupboard, under bed storage (lots), curtains, mosquito nets, roof vent (very useful), a second battery, 12v fan, roof rack, roof storage, tarpaulin awning and so much more. Who would think how much difference a coat hook makes to your daily life?!?!

Vehicle has new tires (expensive!!) plus 2 spares, so many new parts as listed plus more. I am mechanically inclined so I have it just the way I want it to get to Argentina but as we said, we have just had to change our plans.

We get between 15-20mpg which is OK. The engine is pretty new (under 5 years old) and now I've just tuned it up (ignition and fuel system are all new) the economy should be good. Being able to sleep in it and cook and not rely on buses can save a lot of money in the long run plus we have 4 seats (the bed folds into a bench seat with seat belts) and more can be seated on the rear bench without seatbelts so fuel is often split between passengers.

We have had excellent news from the Alberta Registry Office because we now have an authorisation form, which I will email, allowing the vehicle papers to be transferred and new plates and registration to be assigned to the new owner without them having to be in Alberta!

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