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simon_c 16 Oct 2008 08:13

90 HJ60 144kkm diesel R80k ¢
Toyota HJ60 Landcruiser SA REG - South Africa

Although the car has UK plates on at the moment, we do have the South African roadworthy and CA plates

Details below:
Price: R80000 ono
Make/Model: Toyota / HJ60 Landcruiser
Year: 1990
Mileage: Bought at 64000 miles, odometer now says 84000 miles but it broke in Kenya, more like 90000 miles according to GPS. odometer is now fixed
Engine: 4 litre straight 6 cylinder/ not turbo
Fuel: Diesel
Electrics: 24 Volt
Name: Habibi (means “my darling” in Arabic)

Body condition:
Small rust points on front doors, minor scratches/dents, rear right bumper dented, otherwise good condition
• Excellent ARB roof rack worth £1000
• Old Man Emu shocks, one recently repaired, requires extra leaves
• Bull bar
• 2 Spare wheels
• Hot shower system

You will need to do:

• Replace at least 5 tires, spare (currently on) has excellent tread
• Add extra leaf to all of the suspension, approx cost R3000

Check pics out here:
Picasa Web Albums - simonc - Habibi

Owner’s honest opinion:
This is a beast of machine, strong as they come and starts first time. If you are looking for a fast vehicle then look elsewhere, if you are looking for a strong reliable low-tech vehicle then this is the one. She kept her temperature in the 51 degree heat of the Sudan and ploughed through the mud of Ethiopia. She is part of our family and we are only interested in selling her to people her are going to take her on the adventures she deserves. Parts are readily available throughout Africa. Check out our trip that we did to see her experiences, africanfeet.com.

Please contact Simon at +27738038046 (best times to phone are 9-10am and 6:30pm-7:30pm) or register @ comley.org if you have any questions.

Please no tire kickers, we have thought long and hard about how much we are willing to sell her for and are busy people so please don't waste our time. I'm quite happy to take any picture you want and send it to you.

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