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overlandnews 8 Feb 2011 10:42

2002 HJ100 Landcruiser/1HD FTE Engine UK

For Sale /2002 HJ100 Landcruiser/1HD FTE Engine/for sale in early 2011/UK
2002 Toyota Landcruiser hdj100 4.2 TD. Auto / Engine 1HD FTE - RHD - Air conditioning - Milage as of 15TH DECEMBER - 104780 miles / 168627 kms -

Full Service with stamps from trip in Sudan/Tanzania/South Africa (J.B Autos in Cape Town/Morocco and UK since ownership. Well maintained during 37,000 mile Africa overland trip.


Re-listed with new price £16,500

The vehicle is currently based in Herefordshire, 13 miles west of Hereford. 150 miles from lonodn

Vehicle will come with half a tank of diesel

New info: All leather seats have been cleaned and polished with turtle leather cream whilst away and since returning. All seats are in very good condition. There are no splits in the leather

New info: Landcruiser also has a 6 disk cd player and lives inside the cubby box.

Note: Howling Moon tent and Engel fridge and Garmin GPS unit not included. Easily sourced items in the UK if needed. . sold just after we got home / as listed on 'The Hubb'. Sorry

new Pilkington windscreen fitted on the insurance on the 15th december 2010 - crack noticed after the cold weather spell early December 2010

Last person to work on the vehicle in mid Decemeber 2010 was Julian at Overland cruisers - Herefordshire based near Ledbury - Jobs done - Power steering bushes replaced and Wheel bearings looked at and sorted out. Transmission oil replaced.

Known issues - Rear diff actuator needs replacing/fixing

Recent photos and vehicle on trip - Flickr: Flickr: amiller2's Photostream

Blog - Africaoverland

UK Road tax expires - 31st November 2011 / MOT until 8th November 2011


Tyres - 4x as new BFG Mud Terrain KM2 tyres fitted on the 9th November (have done more than four hundred miles to date) - size 285/75/16 - perfect for a 40k - 50k trip in Africa - Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 | BFGoodrich Tires -

Spares 2x As new BFG AT tyres - size 275/75/16 - on spare wheel carriers with wheel covers for both - All-Terrain T/A KO | BFGoodrich Tires

All overland kit fitted by a combination of Devon 4x4/TBR 4x4/Frogs Island - with all receipts for work fitted etc from June to September 2009

Koni Heavy Track raid full suspension kit - Koni: RAID

ARB bull bar (ref arb 3213090) fitted with ARB intercooler protection kit (ref arb6171775)

Long Ranger fuel tank - 180 litres (taking total capacity to 270 litres) - fitted is a Outback Toyota fitting kit / one switch from main to aux tank - :: The Long Ranger :: Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series

Front runner Landcruiser roof rack - 2.2 m rack (Wild Cheetah rack) - included 4x tie down rings / Front Runner universal double jerry can holder (I have one as new jerry can holder kit) - ref FRUN2009 image - Jerry Cans | Fuel Cans | Jerry Can Spouts - i have 2x 20l black plastic army style jerry cans - very good condition

Front Runner draw system - with carpet decking / extendable from back of boot space taking up the width of two passenger seat up to behind the drivers seat. included Front Runner fridge slide and straps for securing fridge - gomo boxes ( 2 long bins with dividers for storing food/clothing etc - FRONT RUNNER 4x4 TECHNOLOGY :: Roll out Storage Systems| 4x4 Accessories - fitted in South Africa at the Safari centre in late June 2010

2 x boot seats - /original leather spare seats from Landcruiser - They have been stored since before the trip.

Safari snorkel (ref ss85hf)

Fitted to roof rack. Hi jack lift Extreme. Comes with Hi jack base support and hi jack cover

2 x Odyssey batteries ref pc2150 - fitted on 04/09/2009
ARB Rear bumper and left and right hand wheel carriers - fitted 27/08/2010
low voltage sensitive relay
3 x Hannibal wolf boxes and front runner case to fit all three boxes - ref fr876 - picture Transit Bags | Roof Bags | Roof Rack Bgs (in black)
ctek battery charger - xs7000
Sine wave inverter - for laptops/cameras/etc
Viair 300p portable compressor kit

ARB - tyre deflator & gauge - so handy in the desert! - ARB Tyre Defalator from OEC International - also ARB tyre repair kit -
Tyrepliers - as new (effective but you need tyre pliers to help you out) - image - http://www.boab.biz/Pages/Tyre%20Pli...rom%20BOAB.htm

Also inc - Shipping straps from when we shipped from Namibia to Ghana x 4

Toyota genuine spare parts

2 x Fuel filter
2 x Oil filter
Brake discs/front set (parts left over from trip preparation) - Genuine Toyota part - part number 43512-60171

3 x Original toyota Landcruiser keys.

Alan's contact details


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