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locoformotos 18 Jan 2009 16:20

1998 MERCEDES AK1944 For Sale Spanish LHD
1998 MERCEDES AK 1944 19tonnes 440hp (+adjustable) 16 speed
PRICE: 55'000 euros, no offers
Vehicle is registered as a "workshop" or "laboratory" and therefore benefits from lower road tax, insurance and is classed as a private vehicle at border crossings. No tachometer requirement, although fitted.
Vehicle is currently in use as a race and adventure tour support vehicle in Spain, ex Malaga, mainly in Morocco and Tunisia.
Homologated for racing Mercedes race truck with the following modifications:
12 volt and 220 volt in cab. Main electrical circuit 24 volt.
Solar reflecting windows on the cab. Roof mounted solar "blind" to top of cab above windscreen.
Roof mounted evaporator cooling system, with built in lighting and remote control, water tank on rear of cab for evaporator. (moist cooled air)
3 x Sparco racing seats in cabin.
Garmin GPS antenna, connection in cab.
GPS mounts on dashboard.
CB Radio fitted.
Audio fitted.
All electric ancillary items removed for weight and simplicity.
Homologated for bunk bed in cab, currently empty behind seats for storage.
Modified suspension for racing front and rear including struts.
Payload now reduced to two tonnes in rear with suspension modifications.
ARB air lockers on front, rear and centre differentials, controls from the cab.
Hydraulic winch with steel cable to rear, with controls in cab and to the side.
Hydraulic take off's front and rear.
Tow points front and rear.
Rear tow attachment with electrical connection.
Insulated cargo department.
Modified, high level exhaust.
Snorkel air intake above cab height.
Currently empty for transportation of bikes and support of off-road motorcycle adventure tours in Morocco, comes with lockable racking for standard competition storage trunks. (For competition or tour support)
Steel workbench fitted internally at cab end. (Can double as bunks).
Tie down points throughout the cargo bay.
Pirelli Pista tyres will run at 2 bar in sand.(Normally 8 bar)
Air take off for power tools, tyre inflation etc.
Additional external diesel filter with removable cartridge.
Lockable external storage compartment.
Long range diesel tanks (plastic).
Maintained by Mercedes fitter, receipts available.
Price: 55'000 euros, no offers
Serious enquiries only please, pictures available on request.
You can see a small one at this link:
All the best

locoformotos 18 Jan 2009 16:38

Mercedes 1944 Pics
2 Attachment(s)
Here's a couple of pics:

James Rothwell 4 Feb 2009 10:53


I'd love to get myself something like that one day. Very impressive.
Hope it sells quickly for you.

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