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simon_c 15 Jan 2007 10:33

1990 Toyota HJ60 landcruiser UK Registered but in South Africa
Toyota HJ60 Landcruiser UK REG - South Africa - UK Sale

Landcruiser is registered in the UK but is physically in South Africa looking to do UK Sale. Just completed overland trip from the UK to South Africa, we only had a few minor problems along the way– she’s almost ready for a return trip! Details below:

Price: £5700 or R80000 ono
Make/Model: Toyota / HJ60 Landcruiser
Year: 1990
Mileage: Bought at 64000 miles, odometer now says 84000 miles but it broke in Kenya, more like 90000 miles according to GPS
Engine: 4 litre straight 6 cylinder/ not turbo
Fuel: Diesel
Electrics: 24 Volt
Name: Habibi (means “my darling” in Arabic)

Body condition:
Small rust points on front doors, minor scratches/dents, rear right bumper dented, otherwise good condition

• 24 volt split-charge (Brand: Antares), needs aux-batteries, starter batteries excellent.
• Excellent ARB roof rack worth £1000
• Old Man Emu shocks, rear leafs need replacing, front ones are fine
• Bull bar
• 2 Spare wheels plus roof holder
• Tow-hitch, but no electrics
• Back seats (not shown!)
• 4 diesel gerries
• Awning (one pole was stolen, easy to get in SA)
• 2 Spot-lights (need refitting as current position is useless)

NOT included:
• Roof tent (but easy to get in SA)
• Sound system
• Hot shower system

You will need to do:
• Replace rear suspension
• Worm gear for speedo-cable needs to be fixed
• Replace at least 5 tires, spare (currently on) has excellent tread
• New Aux batteries
• Organise your own Carnet de passage

Owner’s honest opinion:
This is a beast of machine, strong as they come and starts first time. If you are looking for a fast vehicle then look elsewhere, if you are looking for a strong reliable low-tech vehicle then this is the one. She kept her temperature in the 51 degree heat of the Sudan and ploughed through the mud of Ethiopia. She is part of our family and if we didn’t have to sell her because of money we would keep her. Parts are readily available throughout Africa. Check out our trip that we did to see her experiences, www.africanfeet.com. Able to store her temporarily if needs be.

Please contact Simon at +27738038046 or register@comley.org if you have any questions.

moggy 1968 15 Jan 2007 11:34

glad to see you made it simon, if you remember we had a chat about 'cruisers on here a while ago. was jealous of your cruiser then, now jealous of your trip!!!!
mine is still going strong having been to Gambia and belarus last year.

slow but steady!!

simon_c 15 Jan 2007 12:03

Cool to hear from you! The trip was awesome would love to to come back up and do the west coast and forget silly things like reality but unfortunatley the cash has run out.....

Bundubasher 3 Apr 2007 10:41

Sorry to hear about the spot of bother on the beach. Just asking if your vehicle is still for sale and which town?
Stay well,


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