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noel di pietro 27 Dec 2009 10:27

full 95min film of double trans Africa in TLC on Youtube

Since the selling of the DVD is discontinued, I have put the complete 95min fully edited, subtitled and narrated film of our double Trans Africa trip on You tube in high quality ! It had to be cut is 10 pieces but its all there!

The route was down the west coast and up the east coast so if you are interested in getting a fair idea about route, landscapes and road conditions because you are preparing a trip your selves just have a look.

Angola should be a bit better by now but otherwise Africa does not change very fast :cool4:

Enjoy and let me know what you think of it....

YouTube - Crossing Africa full version part 1


DrKev 30 Dec 2009 11:05

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Cant wait to watch this. :thumbup1:

SilverBirch 3 Jan 2010 15:34

Aarrgh! I have just watch all ten sections in one sitting. I will be in so much trouble. I was supposed to be collecting my moiety.

Fantastic film. Can't wait to get a trip of my own. DVLA willing, preparation can start in earnest this year.

gary27 8 Jan 2010 06:40

Me and the wife just watch the film,Fantastic really got the feet itching and gave us a boost to get on with our own planning.

bobn 13 Jan 2010 21:02

Great video. If you want people to see / download the complete DVD why not seed it on Bittorrent. Contact me if that sounds gobldy gook and I'll explain.

Are you planning any more trips? or did that massive one satisfy you?

noel di pietro 15 Jan 2010 19:50

Hi Bob,

That is indeed gobldy gook although I do use torrent sites frequently to get the usual stuff but I have no idea how to upload anything other than when its in my Vuze directory, it automatically uploads when some one hits the download link. Bottom line I don't know how to put an original link on the torrent sites. If you can explain, please! You can PM me.

And yeah, going to Australia soon for a couple of months, does not sound so adventurous but the Ozzie outback is an environment which is as hostile as can be! Gonna buy a Toyota Troopy over there and do some serious remote driving, possibly alone :oops2: . Will take sat phone with me though, as a safety net. Just spent an hour or so in Media-Market to orientate on the newest video camera's.

So, yes there will hopefully be some more video's soon :D

And finally, I am afraid that the more I travel, the more I want to travel.


pieter 20 Mar 2010 00:07

Thanks Noel,

Enjoyed watching that.



horacebat 9 Aug 2010 23:00

Hi there ...

this is awesome!.. thanks for putting this on .. very interesting!

Maximus 17 Aug 2010 07:52

Excellent Film....thank you for posting.......most enjoyable.

61timm 9 Sep 2010 06:30

Thank you, fantastic!!! You have helped to fuel my ever growing itch to travel...

Korpisoturi 21 Oct 2010 17:56

Nice videos, thanks for uploading! :)

PocketHead 21 Oct 2010 19:07

I too would like to see it on Bittorrent as my internet here is really slow and I generally download stuff whilst sleeping :frown:

noel di pietro 22 Oct 2010 08:09

bit torrent
Hi PH,

I wouldn't know how to put it on bit torrent but it seems that it is also possible to download video's from Youtube, saw an App the other day that you need to download and install (or something of that kind) which allows you to down load from Youtube!


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