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langebaan sunset 14 Nov 2012 19:34

Africa Costs: 1x year, 2x people, 1x Land Rover West Vs East coast routes compared
Hi Folks

Looks like my previous post on our full budget breakdown for EVERYTHING we spent on the West Coast Africa Overland route Latest news / About us - Langebaan Sunset - Stonehenge UK to Cape Town SA - 2010/11 was very popular.

Since then we managed to get hold of the full budget and spend of 2x people that did East Coast route in a similar Land Rover over a similar distance & time frame. Comparing the costs and normalizing the categories gives the following budgets (the only difference was the East coast trip was 12 months after ours):


Its interesting to see how similar some of the spending is. Good benchmarks for people planning trips. We hope you find it useful.



grizzly7 1 Dec 2012 11:26

Nice thank you.

Presumably neither include Carnet costs?


GirlChild 2 Dec 2012 19:38

Nick - your breakdown was very useful for us in our prep.

We are on the road now, and collecting information along the way. We are in a TLC 80 series, heading down the West Coast of Africa: Oslo to Cape Agulhas.

I be posting budget updates as we go (once a month or so). It is life on the road costs. Anything before we left (such as carnet) isn't included.

Please check out our blog under the category "Budget".

Any questions - feel free to ask!

African Girl Child
(aka Sheelah)

Grecy 7 Dec 2012 18:09

Great information, thanks.

Do you have more information about the two journeys - specifically which countries were visited?


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