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Phil Flanagan 12 Nov 2011 11:01

5 years in an iveco , , , ,
an ongoing round the world adventure, started in Wales, headed east through Mongolia and last couple of years exploring the Americas from north to south.

Now at southern end of Patagonia.

fuel costs.
shipping details and costs.
gdb routes.

all updated as of beginning november, free to view and download, enjoy.



zeroland 31 Jan 2012 10:34

Good to see you are still on the road Phil.

It's hard to believe that we met in Ghana all those years ago.

Where to next?

Phil Flanagan 31 Jan 2012 10:47

the world !
hi 'zeroland'

thanks for the heads up but sadly am at a loss to know you who is 'zeroland' ?

but to answer the question . . . . .. . .

we plan another 6 to 10 months here in south america, still need to explore chile, peru and bolivia.

after that the plan is to ship to cape town and explore africa (again!) from the south, seeing the countries we didn't get to last time round.

if you are interested where we are right now then there's a click on link showing our 'live' gps position.

all the best

Mervifwdc 9 Apr 2012 22:36

Great stuff Phil,

I'll be having a great read over the next while of your site. Sarah and I sail into BA in August to start our South American wander.


Griffdowg 10 Apr 2012 13:25

How did I miss this?!

Excellent site, I have been taking info from the Central Asia/Russia sections :thumbup1: really enjoying the photos

Thanks for popping this to the top Merv.


Phil Flanagan 14 Apr 2012 21:15

remember . . . .
hi merv

give yourselves plenty of time.
it s BIG here and lots to see .
most people under estimate time they need.

make sure you find my download page. waypoints et al.

we fly tp europe may and back in august.
we may likely cross paths.

have you a route idea yet ?

Mervifwdc 15 Apr 2012 13:03

Hi Phil,

No route planned yet. We hope to head to Ushuaia for Chrismas +/- a month, weather dependant as we would like to do an antartic sidetrip. Then point north.

We've not done any planning for South America yet. We have guidebooks on all the countries, and maps. And we have a copy of a booked called "weather to travel". We've got 28 days at sea as we sail with the truck on Grimaldi lines, so we figured we would have more than enough time to figure out the plan. Before we sail, we will be downloading every scrap of info we can find as we will not have web access while at sea (at least not affordable web access).

We are about to cross into Spain, where we plan to spend 2 months to learn spanish, as well as we can. Then over to Italy for my sisters wedding, then up through France for Le Havre, then set sail.

Once we land in Argentina, we're thinking to explore Buenos Aires for a week or so, and maybe even go a little north to see some of Uruguay for a short time before heading south, as we will probably go north up the west coast. We have about 18 months to explore, we are hoping that will cover a lot of ground.


monster 15 Apr 2012 19:34

South America
hi Merv
Its a big place S.A as phil says. and the weather factor puts some places off your route if you only have a limited time, Argentina is a great place to travel but dont forget the north, Colombia, Venezuela, to mention a few.
What vehicle you are driving can determine how fast you travel.
But its a very easy place to overland and bush camping spots are everywhere.

have a great time on grimaldi we enjoyed this trip and the time flys by, especially if you have a Italian chef and you need to sleep off those 5 course meals with that cheeky little wine.......

safe travels:palm:
dave and rose

jrehm 27 Apr 2012 03:09

Phil is my hero
Listen to Phil....

carry on.


Phil - that list is coming... i promise ;)

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