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jrehm 27 Apr 2012 03:19

3 years in a '71 VW bus
hola amigos!

We first found this site when looking for info to cross the Darien Gap - we couldn't load onto a sailboat like the bikes, so we're glad to see it now includes 4-wheel info too.


We're a family of 3 in an old VW bus. We already made it to Ushuaia, and are now just meandering around South America... we carry a kid for extra degree of difficulty points ;)


palace15 27 Apr 2012 10:30

:welcome: To the HUBB, nice website you have as well as an interesting travel vehicle, hope to read more of your adventures.

Phil Flanagan 29 Apr 2012 23:50

it's all about the fuel !
hi guys.

just a heads up.

nice work Jason,

keep rolling.

i'm expecting you guys on Pardeles beach aug / sept !!!!!


meacher 28 Aug 2013 03:40

old vdub tips on the road...
Just checked the website (very nice btw) and see you are still here in S.America.
Im just after some tips from a fellow vdub driver here in SAmerica..

Some relavent background:
Ive just picked up a 1970s Vdub crewcab in Bolivia. She aint much to look at but i spent 3 weeks in a mechanics rebuilding her motor and so far made it to Huaraz in Peru with no real issues, just 2 blowouts and and a burnt out coil and a close shave with a pissed off crew of llamas. other than that all seems ok..

My first thought was to buy her and drive up to California, but along the way ive been told by many a naysayer itll be tough nay impossible.
Now to make things a little complicated, im from London, UK, im driving on a Bolivian plate, which confuses most cops to the point they wave me along, the aduana in copacabana was another story, but who with some convincing let me through as a bolivian resident, on the revision id be back in a month.. i promised too..:D
Peru has been no problem and im hoping i can persuade my way through ecuador and columbia borders...if i do make it that far, ive being pretty bad and lacking on the planning, (the van was an impulse buy btw), ive heard the Derian gap is super expensive..which could end the Cali dream, i take it you shipped it across..?
Also im wondering, how the Americans will take a Brit, driving a van into the states on a Bolivian plate, not a country with the best anti drugs record.. :nono:

Either way it seems i shall point her broken nose north ( dent from llama) and see what unfolds.. n if u see and old sandy coloured vdub with no roof on your travels, honk and say hello..

Happy travels... good luck with year 4...


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