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Greg on lake bed, bicycle loaded on the motorcycle

Gregory's random writing and rambling.

Anything can be found here, like what he thinks of certain border crossings, reports to his sponsors on their products (whether they are good or junk), unpublished letters, legal arguments, economic projections, and where he is on the planet doing what with two wheels.


July 27, 2000, Going Out Again - 'Round The World

October 4, 2000, Why Another Long Ride, The Plan, and Mr. Fish

October 10, 2000, the beginning, in America on an Indian

November 6, 2000, AMAZONAS-Tamed By Beasts in Brazil

November 22, 2000, Monster Cow, Wolpertinger and Autobahn Crawling Across Europe

December 22, 2000, Enfield 500 Bullet, India Motorcycle Dementia, Ozoned Harley-Davidsons and Gold Wings

December 25, 2000, Yeti on a Harley-Davidson, Nepal By Enfield, No Carnet Sexpedition

January 1, 2001, Haunting Yeti

January 25, 2001, Monkey Soccer, Asian Feet, Air 'em Up: Bhutan and Sikkim

February 12, 2001, Midgets, Carnetless, Steve McQueen on Enfield, Bangladesh

February 20, 2001, Higgledypiggledy, Salacity, and Zymurgy - India

March 20, 2001, Road warriors, sand, oil leaks - meditating out of India

April 8, 2001, Bike Cops, Elephants, and Same-Same - Thailand

May 1, 2001, Little Bikes, Millions of Bikes, Island Riding - Taiwan

May 15, 2001, Harley-Davidson, Mother Road and Super Slabs - America

June 8 , 2001, Crossing The Crazy Woman With A Harley-Davidson, Indian, BMW, Amazonas, Enfield, Hartford, SYM, Honda

January 1, 2002, Donged, Bonged, and Gonged - Burma

January 20, 2002, Secrets of The Golden Triangle - Thailand

March 31, 2002, Bear Wakes, Aims Green Machine Around The World

April 10, 2002, Moto Cuba - Crashes, Customs and El Jefe (Fidel)

May 20, 2002, Europe and The Roads South to Africa

June 10, 2002, Morocco Motorcycling, Thieves and Good Roads

July 30, 2002, Russia – Hard and Soft, By Motorcycle

August 30, 2002, USA – American Roadkill, Shipping Bikes and BIG DOGS

September 30, 2002, Good Times Roll Home, Riding With Clothes On, Team Green - USA

November, 2002, Mexico By Motorcycle - Gringos, Little Norman Bad Cock, and Bandits

March 2003, Laos by motorcycle - Guerrillas, Mekong Beering, and Plain of Coffins

July, 2003, Alaska by motorcycle – Deadhorse, Fish Story and Alaskan Bush

January 2004, Angkor, Bombed Out Roads and Dog Eaters - Cambodia

April, 2004, Minsking, Uncle Ho and Snake Wine

August 2004, Around The World Again, 1st Tag Deadhorse

February 2005, Colombia To The End Of The Earth - South America

bullet image January 2006, My Marriage, Long Strange Ride, Montana Nights

bullet image May 2006, Cherry Girls, Rebels, Crash and Volcano - Philippines

bullet image September 2006, Break Bike Mountain Ride – United States

March 2007, Kawasaki Cult Bike “No Stranger To Danger Expedition” - Thailand and Cambodia

November 2007, Lone Wolf Wanders: Bears, Moose, Buffalo, Fish

April 2009, Global Adventure Roaming: Burma through the USA to headhunters on Borneo

February 2010, Adventure Motorcycle Travel: Expedition to Alaska, then Java

May 2013, The World Motorcycle Adventure Continues



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