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We are the Whole Earth Motorcycle Center, a small motorcycle distribution company founded by Dr. Gregory Frazier.

As he has traveled around the world, worked in the motorcycling industry and written about motorcycling he has discovered and produced some interesting items unique to the motorcycling world. Most are sold by the Whole Earth Motorcycle Center through our mail order business. Some of the items are only available through us while others are competitively priced and available elsewhere.

If the book, tape or motorcycle product is produced and manufactured by us you will not find it sold for less anywhere else in the world.


Whole Earth Motorcycle Center
P. O. Box 102125
Denver, Colorado 80250-2125 USA
Tel: 1-(303) 715-9292
Fax: 1-(303) 733-8625

Send Check or Money order with item description and your mailing address.
Add $5.00 US for postage outside of the United States.
We accept MasterCard and VISA. To process either we will need your credit card number, name as it appears on the card, and the expiration date. Also please give us a telephone number in case we need to call you back.

MasterCard/VISA 24-hour Order line:
(within USA) 1-800-532-5557

MasterCard/VISA 24-hour Order line:
(outside USA) 1-(303) 733-8625

Please Click here to get the PayPal email address to make a payment to.

Fax Orders:
1-(303) 733-8625

Dr. Gregory W. Frazier: Greg Frazier
Don't expect a quick answer because Gregory often is away from e-mail sources for several weeks at a time.

Royce Fonda & Whole Earth Motorcycle Center: WholeEarthMoto

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