(Bernarda "Benka" Pulko and I having fun at the end of the road in Bluff, New Zealand, our cosmic wanderings on two wheels bringing us together again as we each float around the globe like a leaf in the wind.)



($19.95 plus $5.00 S/H) ISBN 0-935151-44-3

This is a collector's edition of 91 gems. The book is almost impossible to find, and yet one of the most interesting reflections of motorcycling in the world. In the universe of poetry as an art form, motorcycle racer/adventurer/journalist Frazier wildly has fun with words and his passion for motorcycles. With over 100 photographs and illustrations, this 200 page publication has been cited as "prose run mad" and "the best motorcycle bedtime read or coffee table conversation piece." Do not let the title fool you, MOTOCYCLE POEMS can make you laugh your way into an IRS audit meeting or cause you to reflect of your best lifetime experiences. This is a perfect gift for your motorcycling friend, but a word of caution: if there is the remote possibility one of the female species is apt to come across this book, exorcise Chapter 2 beforehand. Of this treatment Dr. Frazier says:
"One reviewer of MOTOCYCLE POEMS pictured me flopping around on the tundra of Alaska while I penned some of the work. Another rightfully identified me as having scribbled in a dark corner of a biker bar. The work is a reflection of a wrinkled sense of humor mixed with the perceptions of my fraternity of moto-psycho acquaintances around the world. It is an oddly wild and interesting group that make up our global motorcycling society. Our two-wheel culture sometimes takes itself too seriously, at other times too easily overlooks our real contributions to life and society as a whole. In the middle of the new millennium readers of MOTOCYCLE POEMS should be able to look back to its era and say 'Those motorcyclists were having fun.'

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