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LA to BA

on the road 1, November 2000

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This is just a quickie to let you know we made it to LA. America is just like we expected. Cars, freeways, highways and byways, burgers and lots of friendly people. We got the motorcycle out in record time. It only took 5 minutes to clear customs.

The only problem was that Gonzalo almost didn't make it into the country. Some guy with the same name and the same birthday had been recently deported so he was actually confused with some guy on the black list. Anyway, as fast as we got the bike we escaped from LA - too big and too expensive. We flew through San Diego, stopping only to repair our Touratech boxes which were smashed up by the baggage handlers at Heathrow.

Sal Peluso, an excellent welder and biker did everything for free.
Everybody is very curious (never seen an Africa Twin before) and friendly.

We're now in El Centro, near the Mexican border and promise to write you some more after we cross the Rio Grande and get a little settled down.

Right now it seems like we've got a million errands to do.

Thanks everybody for all the mail, we'll reply when we find a cheaper machine.

Gonzalo and Nina

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So who are we?

Update 1, November 2000, First road report

UPDATE 2, Dec. 5, 2000, Baja California, Hola amigos y que viva Mexico!

UPDATE 3, Dec. 17, 2000, Central Mexico

UPDATE 4, January 4 2001, Southern Mexico

UPDATE 5, January 31 2001, Guatemala

Update 6, Feb 7 2001, Honduras and Nicaragua

Update 7, Feb 15 2001, Costa Rica

Update 8, Mar 8 2001, Huaraz, Peru

Update 9 April 7, 2001, Cusco, Peru

Update 10 April 23, 2001, Bolivia

Update 11: May 15, 2001, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Grant Johnson

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