Clearing Customs and Paperwork at Bangkok Port

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If I was doing the paperwork again, hindsight with 20/20 vision this is how.
Not much time was saved by arriving at Customs before the ship had arrived and the container unloaded, relax and wait.
Get the original Bill of Lading and Delivery Order from the shipping agent.
Ask them to write in Thai script the address of Customs, to give to a taxi driver.
Ask also the wharehouse number where the goods are to be collected.
At the main entrance to customs, enter and turn left down the long corridor to the Priveledge Goods Division, and talk to the lady at the first desk in that office. You need your passport, and the above documents, a carnet is helpful but not necessary.
She will require you to write a letter, drafted from a previous applicant and get a form and photocopies all within the building.
The whole process here takes about three hours plus lunch, and you receive customs clearance.
With the Delivery Order and documents obtained from customs cross the road, the large multistoried white building, of the Bangkok Port Authority.
Pay port charges, there is an information desk to help, based on volume of goods, about 100 baht a cubic metre.
With the two forms they give you catch a taxi to the port, the actual warehouse, the number the shipping agent gave you where the goods are stored, where a local customs officer opperates.
Here it is a bit hazy, lots of customs officers seem to stamp and sign forms, different offices, they pass you arround a bit, about an hour.
The goods are checked to be representative of what has been shipped and is on your Bill of Lading and you are cleared to go.
Extra paperwork, collected here, is to be given to the port gate on departure.
I beleive all can be done in a day, early start, 8.30 am at customs.
No money is required by customs nor was any asked for anywhere, from me.
Good luck


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