Travel Through The Netherlands and Belgium on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Netherlands on a Harley (24/8/10 - 26/8/10)
Distance 506 km (582321 km to 582827 km)

This is part of the sixteenth section of our around the world trip.
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24/8/10 We have been selecting campsites straight off our map, using TomTom to get us there and this afternoons was an enormous upmarket cabins and camping place, designed for holidays, with a restaurant, children's playground, heated pool, tennis courts and everything else you need for a family holiday including bicycle rental which is what many people come here for, to ride the small bicycle paths through farmland and forest, after all this is the Netherlands, home of the bicycle people.

25/8/10 Also home of the windmill, well the old variety as we don't recall seeing any of the new wind generators which seems ironical, especially with Germany's craving for them. Just 260 km's, haven't seen the sun in a few days, and it occasionally drizzled during our ride. We have been staying off freeways, taking smaller roads winding through theWoods nested Holiday cabins at a resort caravan park where we stayed countryside, but in the densely populated Netherlands it was difficult and we succumbed a couple of times. We are finding the flatland countries a little uninteresting after Norway, and overpopulated, crowded, densely agricultured, but another forest campground in the evening had us, along with the Dutch, away from the hustle of normality here.

26/8/10 Rain overnight and still drizzling this morning. We washed the worm mud off the tent floor, Australian customs is a little fussy about dirt. It was our last nights camping, the last of 37 straight nights, the tent will be heading back to Australia to be used for accommodation on the property we have purchased, till we can build something a little more substantial. Motorways today, through Belgium to Calais in France, where we have booked hard top accommodation in a small seaside pub. We have often arrived and left from Calais but have never been to the city.

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