Travel Through The Netherlands on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Netherlands on a Harley (14/5/98 - 16/5/98)
Distance 231 km (101305 km to 101536 km)

This is part of the third section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from  Austria or read our previous visit to Netherlands

14/5/98 Just 200 km to the Netherlands and Arnhem and starting to get excited about our return to Australia, but kept busy with a total repack of the motorcycle and what to leave and what to take home. A pressure wash to get the salt, from Austrian roads, off the motorcycle, a change of oils ready for storage and we are ready.

15/5/98 Into storage, on an army base, inside a locked building within a locked building, last minute disconnection of the battery, anti moisture spray on nuts and bolts loosening of brake disc pads to prevent rusting and sticking to the disc and a final soft wash before saying goodbye.

16/5/98 After 534 days on the road total and its back home again. We hope. After planning to be at the airport more than 2 hours before the plane departs, our train was held up by a gas leak. After much discussion by the guards we were bussed, along with 50 other passengers, to the airport arriving less than 1 hour before departure only to be told that the plane was delayed by 2 hours. Great start to a 24 hour flight home. About a week ago we had thoughts of only staying in Australia for two months and not the 6 months we had previously planned. Then we would be back in Europe to enjoy the end of summer.

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