Planning the 7th Section (5th Sep 2000 - 5th Nov 2001)


South Africa , Mozambique , Zimbabwe , Botswana , Namibia , Zambia , Tanzania , Uganda , Democratic Republic of the Congo , Central African Republic , Cameroon , Equatorial Guinea , Gabon , Nigeria , Chad , Niger , Benin , Togo , Ghana , Cote d'Ivoire , Mali , Burkina Faso , Liberia , Sierra Leone , Guinea , Guinea-Bissau , The Gambia , Senegal , Mauritania , Morocco , United States Of America  and Canada

22/6/00 With the motorcycle having completed almost 200,000 km fully loaded and through 90 plus countries there are obviously some components that need repair. We feel that it is time to look at the replacement of any component that is worn so that hopefully we will be able to travel the next 200,000 km with as little trouble as we have had so far. H-D parts are expensive so with that in mind and a considerable list of components we have approached both the local importers at Morgan and Wackers and Harley-davidson of the US to sponsor us for the upgrade to worn components. The engine needs some work as it is original (except for the cam and bearing) and now burns one litre of oil every 1000 km. The steering head bearings are also original as are the front fork seals and rear shock absorbers. Front and rear drive sprockets have never been changed and we need a new drive belt having used the spare one last trip. The usual maintenance items of brake pads, oils, filters, spark plugs etc. plus o'rings and gaskets are needed. And last but not least the seat has been bounced on on rough dirt and frozen to cracking many times and would be a great comfort to our rear ends to get a replacement. We await a response from H-D.

11/8/00 The response was a little slow in coming, and after the Australian rep for H-D ran it past the Harley Owners Club (HOG) in the USA and suggested that the Harley Davidson Motor Company gets many requests for sponsorship and would be unlikely to assist us we had almost given up any hope for success. However the local Australian importers, Mark and Brad Wacker of Morgan and Wacker pleasantly surprised us by taking on the complete sponsorship of every part on our wish list. Within a week a large box of spares, enough to bring the H-D almost back to original, should arrive in Townsville for us to take to South Africa and fit to the motorcycle. This should hopefully allow us another 150,000 to 200,000 km of relatively problem free riding and get us, and the motorcycle, to the 2003, 100th anniversary bash in the USA. The seat? well it's coming but won't be here before our departure. The old one will have to last another trip with the new one fitted in the USA.

Visas again a problem. With 31 countries to visit this trip, including 23 new countries, not only will our patience be fractured but also our pockets. Most we will have to arrange at embassies along the way or they will expire before we arrive. Also many smaller African countries don't have consulates in Australia. But occasionally we get lucky like at the Cameroon Consulate. Here they issue a three month visa valid between any dates you choose. The same is also true for the Tanzanian Embassy. The USA will issue a multi entry five year visa, thankfully as we will be passing in and out of there for a few years. On the negative side the Nigerian Embassy will only issue visas in your home country for up to six months. Not sufficient time for us to get through there after leaving Australia. So we have to leave our second passports behind with all the necessary paperwork in triplicate to be processed at a later time and air freighted to us somewhere in Africa.

Clothes - Peter long shirtsx2 Tshirts x 2 bandana jeans  cargo pants shorts
  blue jacket socks x 5 undies x 5 boot laces x 1 money belt belt
  umbrella leather gloves T-shirt tube helmet & visor boots/hikers thongs
  rain pants rain jacket cap spare glasses calico clothes bag small bag
  boot/glove overs          
Clothes - Kay long T shirt long shirtx3 T shirt  sweater cotton pants jeans
  undies x 5 Damart socksx1 thin socks x 3 parka sarong thongs
  boots/hikers T-shirt tube umbrella rain jacket rain pants tampons
  pads brush nail file gloves boot/glove overs cross stitch
  diary book spare glasses boot laces x 1 helmet & visor calico clothes bag scarf
  sun hat belt novel coin purse    
Toiletries soap x 3 toothpaste toothbrush x 2 dental floss vaseline deodorant
  soap dish insect repellent scissors nail brush nail clippers comb
  toilet paper 2-in-1shampoo sunblock chamois towel needle & thread tissues
Camping sheetsx2 sleeping bagsx2 small pillowsx2 pillow casesx2 3 man, 3.5kg tent  
  self inflating mattresses x 2   ground sheet spare shock cord    
Cooking cook potsx2 multi fuel stove fuel bottle 2 tin mugs tin platesx2 knivesx2
  forksx2 2 spoons garbage bags freezer bags tea towelsx2 scourer
  tea bags vegemite pot handle hand towels x 2 FREDx2 lighter
  detergent knife sponges      
Medical kit bandages sticking plaster dressings cotton buds elastic bandages burn cream
  ear plugs itch cream antihistamine bandaids Betadine Rennies
  Panadol aspirin antibiotics anti diarrhoea tablets  anti fungal cream 1st Aid book
  syringes and needles   thermometer antiseptic powder anti malarial tablets  
General tank bag surgical gloves paint pen short wave radio torch & batteries torch bulbs
  maps stickers vinyl business cards rubber bands binoculars
  calculator 2 cameras 10 films (36's) multimeter alarm/meter battery pens
  pegs ockey straps air thermometer highlighters LP guide books Araldite glue
  polish cloths mosquito net water bag green garbage bags camping seats tidy bags
  clothes line day back pack wash powder sheepskins canvas water filter  
  Dubbins fuel injector cleaner   light tie downs    
Paperwork passports tickets money optical scripts rego budget
  addresses insurance Carnet passport photos drivers license credit cards
  writing pads note books internet disks travellers cheques document copies  
  International license   HOG mileage form      
Bike Spares &  bike cover clutch cable throttle cable speedo cable clutch lever cable ties
Bits fuel hose bearing seals wheel bearings spare belt belt screws new belt
  oil hose headlight bulb brakelight bulb stand springs top box catches oil filter
  spark plugsx4 speedo driver rear brake pads front brake pads front fork seals fuses
  regulator thrust race bearing   carbi jets silicon grease tyre gauge
  Gaskets --> speedo driver primary cover inspection cover air filter float bowl
  fork oil primary oil brake fluid bicycle pump heat shrink plastic tie wire
  grease electrical wire electrical connectors   washers/nuts/bolts duct tape
  manual chamois cloth gasket silicon puncture kit & glue thread repair kit WD40
  O rings auto wash polish front disc lock rear wheel D lock switches
  alarm remote sandpaper bike tie downs fork oil bottle Loctite plastic tube
  funnel hacksaw blades bash plate hose clamps pannier rubbers toothbrush
  spare keys machine oil scourer pad electrical tape tyre valve stem  
Tools alan key set multi grips torx set screwdriver set 3/8 torque wrench pliers
  shifter, small shifter, large hacksaw long screw/dr. Stanley knifex2 round file
  triangle file black file valve remover drill bits electrical crimper  
  Sockets --> 7mm, 13mm, 16mm,         
    3/16, 7/32, 1/4,  9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 13/32, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16,
    3/4, 13/16, 7/8,  1 3/16, 1 1/2 3/8-1/2 adaptor 3/8-1/4 adaptor 3/8 elbow
  1/2-3/4 driver 3/8 extension open spanners 10-11, 12-13, 14-15mm, 5/16-3/8in  
      ring spanners 14-15mm    


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