Planning the 6th Section

(5 th Nov 1999 - 5th June 2000)

Turkey , Iran , Kuwait , Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , Qatar , United Arab Emirates , Oman , Yemen ,  Sudan , Eritrea , Djibouti , Somalia , Ethiopia , Kenya , Uganda , Rwanda , Burundi , TanzaniaMalawi , Mozambique , Zimbabwe , South Africa , Swaziland , Lesotho , Namibia , Angola and Botswana
15/11/99 The above are the countries on the wish list but we realize we can't get into all of them and we will remove the link to those where we are unsuccessful.

This is probably going to be the most difficult section so far and will make the past countries seem like a picnic. The plan is to collect the Motorcycle in Turkey and ride to Iran crossing into Kuwait by boat (if there is one, there was 3 years ago) from the Iranian port of Bushehr. There being no Kuwaiti embassy in Australia it will be necessary to obtain a visa by post from Japan after first getting an invitation from someone in Kuwait. We may also be able to collect it in Teheran. Then we either travel via Saudi Arabia (where Kay, or any other woman, is not allowed by law to travel on the motorcycle) transiting to Bahrain or return to Iran and catch another boat to Bahrain. In Bahrain we try the Saudi Arabian transit visa again or a boat to Qatar or back to Iran and onto Banda-e Abbas to catch a boat to the UAE. Confused? Well, all these countries need an invitation from someone in the country to process a visa but unlike Russia there seems to be no organization that will do the paperwork as few visitors come here.

Yemen is the last country in the Gulf that we hope to visit and as there is no road between Oman and Yemen we again need to get around Saudi Arabia. Added to that is the problem that the religious holy month of Ramadan starts on the 8th of December this year and there are no visas issued for Saudi Arabia from then till the end of the Haaj in March and we also have a time deadline.

Transporting the motorcycle and ourselves from Yemen to Djibouti is also a problem, no passenger ferries and only container ships, and they aren't too friendly to taking passengers.

That is as far as we have looked into at this stage and we are already a little daunted by the prospects of even getting to Africa.

We managed to find enough cyber cafe's along the way last trip so there was no need to rely on snail mail to update the site through the mother in law as planned. The rapid spread of internet access even in remote areas of what you would assume closed countries has opened the world to travellers. A traveller without an email address is becoming a rarity. People don't have homes today they have "home pages".

We had a bash plate made for the motorcycle in Nepal in 1996 that simply hose clamps onto the frame. This will be resurrected as the motorcycle has minimal ground clearance and roads are rumoured to be rough in Africa.

13/10/99 We have now arrived at I believe our final departure plan which differs enormously from the original. Dunlop has again agreed to provide us with tyres along the way and a rear will be available in Kenya and a front and rear in South Africa when we arrive. They have also been enormously helpful in obtaining contacts in the Gulf States to assist us with invitations to most countries. That avenue is still progressing.

The updated plan is to collect the Kuwait visa in Tehran (Iran) and catch the boat from Khoramshr near the border with Iraq and close to Kuwait. Eight sailings a week so I am told. Transit Saudi Arabia. The latest info from the Harley Davidson dealer in Saudi Arabia is that women are now allowed to ride on the back of a motorcycle (in the full black robe). This is a great relief when we considered the options. Visit Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman travelling to Yemen via the coast road where it is reported that small boats might be able to transport us and the motorcycle into Yemen. The option of Sudan and Eritrea are still being worked out as the borders with each other and Ethopia are still closed due to fighting. Then it's Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and following the list above we hope. Finishing in South Africa about mid June 2000.

Travel Inventory

Clothes - Peter long shirtsx3 Tshirt longx1 HD T shirt x1 socks x 5 undies x 5 jeans x 2
  jacket cap shorts boot laces x 1 money belt belt
  Widder vest leather gloves T-shirt tube helmet boots/hikers thongs
  rain pants rain jacket spare glasses      
Clothes - Kay skivviesx1 sweatersx1 T shirt x2 Damart socksx3 thin socks x 2 undies x 5
  jeans x 1 cotton pants parka long sleeve shirt beanie belt
  Damart pants T-shirt tube Widder gloves Widder vest rain jacket rain pants
  pads tampons helmet brush nail file thongs
  boots/hikers spare glasses boot laces x 1 gloves diary book cross stitch
Toiletries soap x 3 toothpaste toothbrush x 2 dental floss vaseline deodorant
  soap dish Rid scissors nail brush nail clippers comb
  toilet paper 2-in-1shampoo sunblock chamois towel needle & thread tissues
  clothes line tweezers        
Bedding sheetsx2 sleeping bagsx2 small pillowsx2 pillow casesx2    
Camping self inflating mattresses x 2   ground sheet 3 man, 3.5kg tent    
Cooking cook potsx2 multi fuel stove 2 tin mugs heating element plastic platesx2 knivesx2
  forksx2 FREDx2 garbage bags freezer bags tea towelsx2 scourer
  tea bags vegemite pot handle toaster wire    
Medical kit bandages sticking plaster dressings cotton buds elastic bandages burn cream
  ear plugs itch cream aspirin antihistamine bandaids Betadine
  Panadol Aspro clear Gastrolyte anti diarrhoea tablets anti fungus cream     
  anti nausea tablets   antibiotics Mylanta tabs syringes and needles  
General polish cloths surgical gloves paint pen torch & batteries short wave radio cards
  maps stickers vinyl business cards rubber bands radio
  calculator camera & film compass cassettes cleaning tape knife
  pegs ockey straps thermometer highlighters photo brag book Araldite glue
  pens LP guide books        
Paperwork passport tickets money optical script rego budget
  addresses insurance HOG Tales passport photos drivers license Carnet
  International license   HOG mileage form   travellers cheques  
  writing pads          
Bike Spares &  bike cover clutch cable throttle cable speedo cable wheel bearings tie downs
Bits clutch lever bearing seals fuel hose spare belt belt screws duct tape
  sandpaper manual cable ties fuel additive top box catches WD40
  stand spring oils brake fluid multimeter puncture kit brake pads
  plastic bags auto wash polish bicycle pump heat shrink plastic tie wire
  grease electrical wire electrical connectors   spark plug leads fuses
  spark plugs chamois cloth silastic tools O rings oil filter
  alarm remote headlight bulb brakelight bulb front disc lock rear wheel D lock tyre gauge
  spare keys torsion wrench        

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