Planning the 5th Section

(22nd Jan 1999 - 30th Aug 1999)

Italy ,Malta , Tunisia , Algeria , Libya , Egypt , Jordan , Lebanon , Syria , Israel , Iraq , Cyprus , Cyprus North , Turkey , Georgia , Armenia , Azerbaijan , Russia , Finland , Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania , Belarus , Poland , Czech Republic , Slovakia , Hungary , Ukraine , Moldova , Romania and Bulgaria.

23/12/98 We will be trying to visit all of the above countries but some may not welcome us, or others we may find too dangerous as we get closer. From the best information we can gather, entry to Algeria is best applied for in Tunis, Tunisia at the Algerian embassy. The current position on safety should also be reliable due to its close proximity. Iraq is currently not issuing visas but we will try for a transit visa in Jordan, transiting to Iran. We really don't want to visit Iran at this time but feel it would be the best approach in getting an Iraq visa.

In applying for the Libyan visa it became apparent that people without a Libyan Peoples Bureau representative in their own country are unable to get an independent travel visa and so need to book on a tour. To the rescue Isam Sadi He will arrange a visa, $US 100, and meet you at the border after which you can travel independently, hopefully, as it is our only way in that I know of.

The next most difficult visa is to Russia. Again where there is a problem there is an entrepreneur prepared to solve it at a price. The visa department of IRO Travel, email, should be able to help, tourist or business visas, although as always when planning too far ahead with visas there are difficulties that they will expire before you enter the country.

Of course a carnet and bond had again to be prepared for Libya, Egypt and Syria. Gone is the carnet free Europe, and the visa free Europe.

The travel plan. Collect the motorcycle in Rome on the 23/1/99 and head south to Catania in Sicily and across to Malta. Unfortunately to the best of my research there is no boat from Malta to Tunisia so we have to return to Sicily and catch another boat from Trapani to Tunisia. Here we try to get visas to Algeria (not likely) then head through Libya, Egypt and by boat to Jordan. Israel becomes the problem now. If we were to enter Israel, have a stamp in our passport or have a stamp from a neighbouring country indicating we had entered Israel, we must have been to Israel then we will not be allowed into many Middle East countries, particularly Syria and Lebanon. Even to write that it is our intention to visit Israel here could preclude us entry to other Middle Eastern countries. We regret that this is the current situation and hope that it will improve for the whole world in the near future. Others have been known to visit Israel to see the current situation in the Gaza Strip and even support the autonomy and fight for a Palestinian homeland there. But an Israeli border must still be crossed. From Jordan we head to Syria and Lebanon. Visas for all of these countries have been obtained prior to leaving Australia. A boat connects Lebanon with the Republic of Cyprus, and from the best of my information, although illegal, you can cross into North Cyprus (Turkish) and catch another boat to Turkey.

At Ankara (Turkey), about the 1/5/99, we hopefully obtain our Russian visa and a visa to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Travel across Turkey around the Black Sea and up into the above countries to Moscow and St Petersberg before heading to Finland, mid summer, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

That is the plan of attack, but what eventuates is the reason for the journey.

Dunlop have again agreed to sponsor our tires, giving us contacts where there are dealerships in the above countries. All we need to do is fax ahead our requirements and there will be tires waiting for us. You couldn't ask for better service from a great tire company.

Having really enjoyed camping last trip we purchased a more suitable tent (smaller and lighter). A new remote control for the bike alarm, and a myriad of small Harley spares (screws, new leads, spark plugs, bearing seals, oil filters, oils, fuel hose, small gaskets, speedometer cable etc.) Having travelled a bit now we reckon you have to go for the small spares, ones you know you will need eventually in a 40,000 km trip that won't weigh you or the motorcycle down.

Of course one of the biggest expenses of this trip will be the visas and insurance requirements to allow us and the motorcycle to enter each country, not to mention the 40 odd passport photos we will each require. Despite cheaper petrol, food and living expenses this trip will probably be no less expensive than the last one to Western Europe.

12/1/99 Realizing we will have problems updating this story in some of the countries we visit, and having an unusually helpful mother-in-law, we are helping drag her into the 21st century by being our web master. The idea is to post my scrawlings to her (by snail mail) where she will update and post to the internet. Go easy on her if some of the links don't work or the page doesn't look perfect and send an occasional email of support  after all she is in her late seventies.

20/1/99 Last day before leaving with hopefully everything possible in place. The garage in Rome assures me the motorcycle is still there and the battery will be charged ready to go. Tiring but exciting farewells and last minute emails to other travellers. Again we have packed too much gear both on the motorcycle and around our middles (the latter from the overindulgence of Christmas). Both will have to shed some before we reach poorer roads in Africa. Say Hi if you see us on the road.

Travel Inventory

Clothes - Peter long shirtsx3 Tshirt longx1 HD T shirt x1 socks x 5 undies x 5 jeans x 2
  jacket cap shorts boot laces x 1 money belt belt
  Widder vest leather gloves T-shirt tube helmet boots/hikers thongs
  rain pants rain jacket spare glasses      
Clothes - Kay skivviesx1 sweatersx1 T shirt x2 Damart socksx3 thin socks x 2 undies x 5
  jeans x 1 cotton pants parka long sleeve shirt beanie belt
  Damart pants T-shirt tube Widder gloves Widder vest rain jacket rain pants
  pads tampons helmet brush nail file thongs
  boots/hikers spare glasses boot laces x 1 gloves diary book cross stitch
Toiletries soap x 3 toothpaste toothbrush x 2 dental floss vaseline deodorant
  soap dish Rid scissors nail brush nail clippers comb
  toilet paper 2-in-1shampoo sunblock chamois towel needle & thread tissues
  clothes line tweezers        
Bedding sheetsx2 sleeping bagsx2 small pillowsx2 pillow casesx2    
Camping self inflating mattresses x 2   ground sheet 3 man, 3.5kg tent    
Cooking cook potsx2 multi fuel stove 2 tin mugs heating element plastic platesx2 knivesx2
  forksx2 FREDx2 garbage bags freezer bags tea towelsx2 scourer
  tea bags vegemite pot handle toaster wire    
Medical kit bandages sticking plaster dressings cotton buds elastic bandages burn cream
  ear plugs itch cream aspirin antihistamine bandaids Betadine
  Panadol Aspro clear Gastrolyte anti diarrhoea tablets anti fungus cream     
  anti nausea tablets   antibiotics Mylanta tabs syringes and needles  
General polish cloths surgical gloves paint pen torch & batteries short wave radio cards
  maps stickers vinyl business cards rubber bands radio
  calculator camera & film compass cassettes cleaning tape knife
  pegs ockey straps thermometer highlighters photo brag book Araldite glue
  pens LP guide books        
Paperwork passport tickets money optical script rego budget
  addresses insurance HOG Tales passport photos drivers license Carnet
  International license   HOG mileage form   travellers cheques  
  writing pads          
Bike Spares &  bike cover clutch cable throttle cable speedo cable wheel bearings tie downs
Bits clutch lever bearing seals fuel hose spare belt belt screws duct tape
  sandpaper manual cable ties fuel additive top box catches WD40
  stand spring oils brake fluid multimeter puncture kit brake pads
  plastic bags auto wash polish bicycle pump heat shrink plastic tie wire
  grease electrical wire electrical connectors   spark plug leads fuses
  spark plugs chamois cloth silastic tools O rings oil filter
  alarm remote headlight bulb brakelight bulb front disc lock rear wheel D lock tyre gauge
  spare keys torsion wrench        

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