Planning The Fourth Section
(16th Jul 1998 to 19th Nov 1998)

Netherlands , Denmark , Sweden , Finland , Norway , Iceland , Faroe Island , Germany , United Kingdom , Republic of Ireland , Isle Of Man , Italy , San Marino and the Vatican City .

4th June 1998.
Well we decided to head off into the end of Europe's summer and travel through the rest of Western Europe before heading to central Italy and store the motorcycle there in November. That will get us ready for North Africa, across the Middle East and Eastern Europe starting in January 1999.

Our new flight lands us in Amsterdam on the 16/7/98 after which we head north through Denmark and will probably continue north into Sweden and across to Finland arriving at Nordkapp around 10/8/98. Then head south through Norway and Sweden arriving back in Denmark to meet the ferry for Faroe Island and Iceland about 22/8/98. Back to the mainland on 3/9/98 to see Northern Germany then across to Great Britain about 15/9/98, Ireland and the Isle of Man. Heading south to Finish in Italy about the 15/11/98 after visiting San Marino and the Vatican City thus having visited all the countries of Western Europe.

With the Australian dollar at a 12 year low against international currencies a big part of the decision to go now rather than later. If we don't go in summer we can't camp and the costs of hotels or even hostels would be prohibitive.

24th June 1998
Three weeks to go till departure and we have bought everything needed to be under way. Two self inflating sleeping mats, two small pillows (sliced off a normal pillow), a three man tent (not expecting any extra bodies but it might be nice to store things out of the rain), a stove that runs on unleaded petrol or kerosene and cooking pots (with an extra tap fitted to the motorcycle fuel line for easy filling), sheepskin seat covers (the old seat a little soft after too many miles of my bum), enough oils for a service, a few spares like new grip rubbers, brake pads, fork oil, plugs, etc. repaked the helmet with new foam as either my head has shrunk or the old foam has compressed. All packed into a refugee bag (those large striped bags for a couple of dollars that you throw away when you arrive).

10th July 1998
This is the last update until we are underway. We have included a complete list of what we are taking on this trip right down to the undies. The total weight will be about 50 kg with cold weather and camping gear. Because of the bulkier gear we will need to lower the rear number plate bracket and sling the tent under the top box. The internet is great for travellers as I have mentioned before. We booked our trip to the Faroe Island and Iceland (leaving Bergen on the 11/8/98 returning 1/9/98) over the net direct with the ferry company. We will be staying with two people (one in England and one in Germany) who we have never met other than via email, a first for us. Well as usual we will have taken too much and probably the wrong things and left behind at least something we should have taken. It doesn't matter how often you travel it remains thus.

Travel Inventory
Clothes - Peter long shirtsx3 Tshirt longx1 HD T shirt x1 socksx5 undies x 4 jeans x 2
  jacket cap shorts boot laces x 1 money belt belt
  Damart longs Damart hood Widder gloves Widder vest leather gloves bandana
  rain pants rain jacket spare glasses thongs boots/hikers helmet
Clothes - Kay skivviesx2 sweatersx2 T shirt x1 Damart socksx3 thin socks x 2 undies x 5
  jeans x 2 cotton pants jacket boot laces x 1 beanie belt
  Damart longs Damart hood Widder gloves Widder vest bandana wet gear
  pads tampons helmet brush nail file thongs
  boots/hikers spare glasses        
Toiletries soap x 3 toothpaste toothbrush x 2 dental floss vaseline deodorant
  soap dish Rid scissors nail brush nail clippers comb
  toilet paper 2-in-1shampoo sunblock chamois towel needle & thread tissues
  clothes line          
Bedding sheetsx2 sleeping bagsx2 pillowsx2 pillow casesx2    
Camping tent mattressesx2 ground sheet      
Cooking cook kit multi fuel stove 2 tin mugs heating element plastic platesx2 knivesx2
  forksx2 FRED garbage bags freezer bags tea bags scourer
  tea towelsx2          
Medical kit bandages cottonwool dressings cotton buds elastic bandages  
  ear plugs itch cream aspirin antihistamine bandaids antacid
  tweezers scissors nail clippers Puritabs thermometer  
  Chapstick Strepsils Aspro clear Gastrolyte Betadine Larium
  Aerogard Drixine antibiotics Mylanta tabs Giardia tablets burn cream
General polish cloths surgical gloves paint pen torch & batteries    
  badges x 2 stickers vinyl business cards rubber bands radio
  maps camera & film compass cassettes cleaning tape knife
  calculator pens highlighters LP guide books thermometer  
Paperwork passport tickets money optical script rego budget
  addresses insurance HOG Tales passport photos drivers license  
  International license   HOG mileage form   travellers cheques  
Bike Spares &  bike cover clutch cable throttle cable bicycle pump wheel bearings tie downs
Bits clutch lever bearing seals fuel hose spare belt belt screws duct tape
  sandpaper manual cable ties fuel additive catches WD40
  stand spring oils brake fluid multimeter battery brake pads
  spark plugs chamois cloth silastic tools puncture kit  

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