Travel Through Macedonia (FYROM) and Greece on a Harley-Davidson

By Peter & Kay Forwood

Macedonia on a Harley (3/11/06 - 4/11/06)
Distance 617 km (477274 km to 477891 km)

This is part of the twelfth section of our around the world trip.
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Coming from Serbia (Kosovo) or read our previous visit to Macedonia  

3/11/06 The Macedonian frontier was not so pleasant. We needed a visa, 35 Euro each, and no multiple entry possible. They did not ask us for motorcycle insurance papers. We had hoped to return to Kosovo whilst our Iranian visas were being processed, a more interesting country and considerably cheaper than waiting around in Macedonia. It then took an hour to locate the embassy, it had moved and we ended up paying to follow a taxi. Unfortunately the embassy no longer has diplomatic representation, therefore can't issue visas. We have no alternative but to proceed and try for a visa in Turkey. The day was still freezing, 6 degrees maximum, with a strong wind blowing off the mountains as we rode south towards Greece. Luckily the sun was out most of the time and the wind was at our back but it was cold as we crossed easily out of Macedonia and into Greece without problems. It was as much a day of searching as riding. The Harley dealer in Thessaloniki had also moved and after locating the boutique clothing section set amongst all the other brand name designer clothes shops in the centre of the city we finally found the motorcycle's shop further towards the edge of town. A friendly motorcycle rider led us to each shop after we had become completely lost. We needed a new rear tyre and a couple of oil filters, about 60% more expensive than in Australia, but necessary, and were lucky to get them before the shop closed. A hotel just after dark after a long and slightly frustrating day. 

4/11/06 An early start and out onto the new but not yet finished highway towards Turkey. The temperature hadn't changed much over night and didn't increase above 6 degrees again today and with the same strong winds blowing down from the north. It was just a ride, covering the distance to the border with stops to get warm. The new road hasn't made provisions for highway petrol stations or eateries and we needed to detour to find warmth. No outward passport stamp or check of our passports. Because Europe has open borders between members, no country knows how many people are illegally in their country. No-one records who has overstayed visas making immigration difficult to control and police.    

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